Can you believe it is only 5 days til Christmas?  Holy cow.  I feel like it should only be July.  But somehow, the end of the year has crept up on me.

I have always felt like an organized person.  Since starting my new job, I am learning I no longer have that kind of time.  I keep forgetting to do things, I don’t have time to clean the house, I have 34 unread text messages and my son put stickers all over the couch.  A week ago.  They are still there.  I HATE messy houses.  HATE it.  And here I am, typing on the computer while stickers stay on the couch, laundry sits in the dryer and God knows what is stuck to the stove.  I am not sure if I should make a resolution about being more organized or being more laid back.

I hadn’t put much thought into HJ’s teacher gift, until I relized he has 5 teachers (3 school, 2 daycare).  That’s a whole lot of gifts (ie, money).  I chipped into the school’s Christmas fund (they pool together money and divide it up into gift cards), but still wanted HJ to have something to *give* to the teachers.  I had him paint ornaments that we tied to mason jars filled with puppy chow.

PicMonkey Collage

HJ had fun shaking up the puppy chow, and was very particular over what teacher should get each ornament.

Have you guys read 30 unexpected things you learn in your 30’s?  It is hilarious, and so very, very true.  Check it out, and get ready for giggles.  The ones that hit a little too close too home: Your back will hurt for no damn reason, activities like apple picking and wine tasting will be your new weekend activites, hangovers are hell…actually, they all hit too close too home, so I should stop listing them 🙂


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