I am a bad dog mom.  The pup rarely gets mentioned on here, so in honor of his 9th birthday, I thought I would do a post all about him.

I had received my first paycheck in the real world.  At the time, I didn’t realize how little it actually was.  I wanted a dog.  I was making money, and could finally afford it.  (So I led myself to believe). I have a special spot in my heart for rescue dogs.  Rescue animals of all sorts actually.  There are so many animals that need our love, I don’t know if I could get an animal another way.  I mean, my poor pup could have been put to sleep. Phew, sorry, rant.

Anyway, after receiving the first paycheck, I was browsing Pet Finder, and read about this cute pup that had been abandoned.  The breed was unknown, and he weighed all of 4 pounds.


Look at the cute little bub, how could anyone have abandoned him??  He was a snuggly lil pup who was a fabulous lap dog.  However, he grew.


My 4 pound lil guy turned into an 88 pound lap dog.  He had moments like all puppies do…

He tore up a bunch of feather pillows.  When I opened the door, they all went POOF and flew all around the house.

Every time my sister visited, he ate her sunglasses (only hers).

He ate a couch.  Seriously.

But he loves people.  He let my niece dress him up.  Granted, I did it every now and then too.


He was never a jogger, in fact, he likes walks, but only short ones.  He doesn’t like car rides, or water.  He dislikes other dogs.  A lot.  And is frightened of our neighbors cat.  He has lived in 6 different homes with me.  Two different cities.  He has met boyfriends.  One he clearly disliked only lasted a few weeks because of that.

He protects us.  Meaning, he sounds and looks tough, but it’s all an act.

He snores.  He slobbers.  He sheds.

His world was turned upside down when HJ came into it, but they are buds.


I can’t believe this sweet dog is now 9.  He has turned grey, but still bounces like a puppy.


And still sits on my lap.

I love my little rescue pup!

6 Thoughts on “Meet Tyson

  1. What a handsome guy!

  2. WOW He is HUGE, but adorable!

  3. Oh my goodness he was the cutest pup! And he grew up to be such a handsome dog!!! Love him!

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