To kick off Friday, check out my new banner!  How cute and sparkly is that?  Vicki made it for me just because.  She is fabulous like that.


Two years ago, HJ and I did this cute Christmas project…


I want to do this again to see how much his little hands have grown.  If I was smart, I would have done it last year, whoops.


A convo HJ and I had last night:

Me-“I’m gonna tell Santa you’re being a sassy pants to your mom”

HJ-“Yeah, well, I’m going to tell Santa you’re being a sassy pants to your kid”

He was probably right.


Facebook is driving me nuts.  Do you guys follow me there?  If so, have you noticed you haven’t seen me in your newsfeed lately?  That’s because FB wants me to pay advertising costs for that.  Unless you click on my page a lot, I am most likely not in your feed.  It is crazy how much my FB stats have gone down…very frustrating.


Looking for a good read?  I recently finished “The Story of Beautiful Girl“.  I couldn’t put it down.  It was one of those books where I was sad when it ended, I wanted the story to continue.  Highly recommend!


This year, I ordered my Christmas Cards from Pikcal.  The cards were quick and easy to make.  On top of that, they sent me a personalized email letting me know when they were ready, and once they shipped, I was sent another email with a tracking code.  When they arrived, I was super impressed with the quality.  And how cute is the packaging?

photo (12)

And, Pikcal wants to offer all of you 20% off…oh, and they have free shipping!  For 20% off your Pikcal order, use coupon code: blogcard20  The coupon code is active until December 31st, so hurry on over to Pikcal now 🙂




One Thought on “Friday Ramblings

  1. OH the hands! You’ll treasure those when he’s older I promise….now Monkey is about to enter the teen years, those little hands prints we made are so precious!

    Totally with you on the whole facebook thing….frustrates me that followers won’t see most of what I post! I don’t even bother with facebook that much any more because of it.

    Have a great week Hun x

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