Almost.  He almost ruined it.  Not just for us, but for a handful of children.

This past weekend, we went on the trolley ride to have breakfast with Santa.  While we were eating, a little girl in our group was clearly upset with having to get her picture with Santa.  HJ, thought it was hilarious.

I had a chat with him about how it’s not nice to laugh at people, and that it is much nicer to help them.  I told him he should let her know Santa isn’t scary, and tell her how cool he is…rather then to point and laugh.  He seemed to take this all in and agreed, so I patted myself on the back for being a fabulous parent.

Then, we got on the trolley.  HJ and I were seated away from the little girl.  He kept looking at her.  Suddenly, he says, “Santa isn’t scary”.

She didn’t notice, but he said it loud, so a few others started looking at him

“He isn’t scary, you don’t have to cry.”

She heard this.  And her parents.  I mentioned that he had noticed how upset she had been, and we all smiled at each other.  Good, right?

By this time our trolley full of people (about 6 kids, 12 adults), were all looking at HJ.  He spoke a little louder…


I quickly glance up and notice 12 sets of daggers being shot my way.  HJ has never mentioned this before.  He has never questioned anything about Santa.  Yet he proclaimed this  for some reason?!?  I am trying to think of what to say to make this a bit better.  I kind of stuttered out a “what?”.

HJ continued on (after a pause that was much to long and horribly uncomfortable), “Santa isn’t real like us, he is magic!”

Oh, thank God.

All the parents seemed to breathe sighs of relief and nod their heads.

HJ decided at this point he liked the attention and went on and on about how Santa is magic and lives at the North Pole.  And he hopes he gets a DS, but he has to be a good boy for that.  And if you aren’t a good boy, you might not get a good gift.  If you are grumpy, you get grumpy gifts.  And the elf and Santa can see you when you are sleeping and awake, which sounds scary, but it’s not, because they are magic.  HJ loves Christmas magic.

That’s when I remember, HJ was totally weirded out by the fact that the elf and Santa can always see what he is doing, even if they aren’t in the same room.  He was just laying it all out for the little girl.

Then the parents asked all about his elf, and he loved the attention.

I swear, he use to be shy.

5 Thoughts on “HJ Ruined Christmas

  1. HJ is just the most adorable thing! What a sweetie pie trying to comfort that little girl and explain Christmas Magic!

  2. My kiddo is trying to hang on to the magic of Santa no matter what. She’s 9 going on 10 in January, and all of her school buddies are telling her Santa isn’t real, so she keeps asking me. I tell her, “Yep, he’s real, and you just need to focus on what you believe, not the other kids’!” So far, so good. Gotta enjoy it while they’re little….it goes by so fast. And, I’m so happy HJ explained his thoughts….how cute…and escaped an angry parental mob, too! LOL XOXO-SWM

  3. Haha oh my goodness I can only imagine how mortified you must have felt for that split second!!

  4. omg hes too funny!

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