Our second day at Disney World was spent at Magic Kingdom.  This has always been my favorite park, and I was hoping HJ would think so as well.

HJ was wearing a birthday button, and was getting birthday wishes the whole day…he loved it.  He also loved the rides.


We started our day on the Jungle Cruise, where we cruised in a boat looking at different “animals”.  HJ was a little worried about the alligators, but loved seeing all the cool scenery.


After that, we were just a few steps away from the Magic Carpet Ride.  HJ thought this one was fun, because he was able to control how high we went in the air.  Naturally, he made it go as high as he could.


Also, it was really hot again.

Next on the list was Pirates of the Caribbean.  This ride was awesomely air-conditioned.

We also hit up the Haunted Mansion.  HJ had been told all about this by 2 of his friends, so he had been talking about it all day.  I was hoping it wouldn’t be too scary for him, luckily he thought it was awesome.  I had prepped him before hand with lots of “it’s just pretend”.  I am not sure if that is what helped or if he really just didn’t care :).

After a quick lunch at Peter Pan’s, we headed to Tomorrowland to redeem our fast pass for Buzz Lightyear’s ride.


HJ loved using his laser to shoot at the targets, and asked to go on it again (unfortunately, the line was 90 minutes long…).


There were so many rides in tomorrowland that were perfect for HJ, we spent a lot of time there.  We also went to Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, Astro Orbitor and Stitch’s Great Escape.  All the rides were fun, except Stitch’s…don’t waste your time…even if there’s no line (which there won’t be)…this is the one ride HJ even thought was dumb.

Then it was time for a little race car action.


The cool thing with this?  HJ was actually able to steer the car.  He thought it was so fun even if we both got whiplash.

Of course we had to go on the teacups, and Dumbo (which had an air-conditioned play area.).  After that, we headed to Goofy’s Barnstormer.  It is a really, cute and fast roller coaster.  HJ loved this, I loved this, I wish we could have gone on it 3 more times!

Next, we jumped on the train, and got off just in time for the start of the parade.


Some people got a little too close for comfort…


Our day was coming to a close with one tired little guy, so we went on one last ride at the carousel.


It was finally time to hop in the car and take a rest at the hotel.  Only, some of us fell asleep instantly.


4 Thoughts on “Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom

  1. Oh you’re killing me with these photos……it’s mine and Monkey’s very expensive dream to go there one day….if only they had a disney in Australia! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing trip! I’ve been thinking of taking Emma to Disney but trying to decide what would be the perfect age for her to be able to enjoy everything and remember most of it. Did you think HJ was a good age? Maybe I’ll take Emma for her next birthday.

    • sliceofmudpie@gmail.com on December 6, 2013 at 5:24 pm said:

      He loved it! However, I don’t think he will remember it. I think 6-8 would be fun ages too!

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