Were you starting to wonder about the rest of our vacation?  I didn’t want to bore you all for a few weeks straight, so I thought I would break it up.  Get ready, you are about to see lots of cute Disney pics.

We left the beach in the morning, and got t Disney around 11am.  And it was hot.  Like, super hot.  Like, 94 degrees hot.  But you know who didn’t care?  The kiddos.


This is HJ with his older cousin, Evan.  They were wearing their matching Mickey Mouse Halloween shirts and waiting for the Indiana Jones show.  I kept telling them that HJ and the actor had the same first name, but they weren’t as impressed as me.

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I was impressed enough to make HJ pose for this picture.

After the show, we went on the Star Wars ride.  HJ JUST made the height cut off (barefoot, he wouldn’t have made it), and I am so glad he did.  HE LOVED IT!


So much so, he went on it twice.

We ran into Goofy.


I was concerned about how HJ would act around the characters, due to his fear of mascots.  But when he saw Goofy, he ran up, gave him a hug, a few high-fives, and posed for pictures.  For some reason, he loved it.  However, he only loved it that one time.

After going on the Toy Story ride (which was awesome), HJ noticed Buzz and Woody inside a building.  He wanted to see them so bad.  We waited in line for close to an hour, and then…


Nope.  He wanted out of there.

He did enjoy the Disney Junior show, but the characters were much smaller.  He was a dance machine in the front row, even when no one else in the whole building was dancing :).

You ay have noticed HJ’s style choice in these pictures.  Somehow, he learned to put his sunglasses on top of his hat.  No idea where he picked this up, but it really makes me laugh.


That night, we went to Fantasmic.  It is a light show with all of the characters.  Basically, it is Mickey’s dream and a bad witch tries stealing into it, but in the end all is well.  HJ thought this was amazing.  He talked about it for days.  If he gets frustrated (even now), I tell him to close his eyes and think of Mickey’s dream.  And he calms down.  I can definitely say this was his favorite part of Disney.  I never would have thought he would have liked it so much, even during the show he sat quietly and watched.  But, he LOVED it.

That night, we checked in late to our hotel.  We were staying at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, and we arrived to our room with a sleepy little boy and a voice message from Mickey himself.

2 Thoughts on “Disney Day 1

  1. Looks like you two had a great time. Disney is so magical!

  2. How CUTE,luv it!!

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