HJ’s first friend came through the door, and HJ tore into the gift instantly.  We had a talk about setting the presents on the coffee table and that we would open them later.

HJ showed his friend where his hard-hat was at, and they started working on his wood project.  Other friends started piling through the door, and in no time, it was crazy.

Like I said before, there were 16 kids in total.  The majority were 3-4 year olds, with a handful of 6 year olds in there as well.  The bigger kids were able to work on their own projects, while some parents stayed behind and helped with the younger kids.  My parents were also awesome enough to come over and help.


After the projects were complete, we all went to the garage for the piñata!  Oh my goodness, kids think piñatas are awesome.  It was hard to get them to stand back and not get hit by a kid blindly swinging a giant stick, but we made it through with no injuries.  And luckily, everyone got a turn before the piñata exploded candy all over the garage.


Then, it was time for dirt cup cakes and blowing out the candles.  IMG_5001

The candles were little construction cones, and 4 of them were too big for the cupcake, so they sat on the plate.


Next was presents!  I pictured this much differently than it panned out.  I pictured everyone would sit down holding their gifts, and HJ would open them one at a time.  What happened was everyone yelled and jumped up and down.  HJ tore into a few gifts, a few kids unwrapped what they brought, half the kids went to the play room, and paper was thrown all over.  It took much less time then anticipated.  Which led to the kids having some spare time to run around and dump all the toys out.  But, at least everyone had fun, and no one got hurt.


And I was able to get a picture of almost everyone.  Cute group of kids, huh?

HJ had a blast, and after the excitement he took a 2 hour nap.


He still looks like that precious little guy I gave birth to 4 years ago.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE MAN!

2 Thoughts on “HJ’s Construction Party

  1. This is adorable, and what fun! You did a great job on the party, and I just love the hardhats. 🙂 I have always had parties for my daughter in our home with old-fashioned games, pizza, cake, and presents. They are the best even though it takes so much work on our part. And, I feel the same way when I see Maycee sleeping…this is where her baby face shines through. Thanks for sharing! XOXO-SWM, Kasey

  2. Looks like HJ had a blast! Success!

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