My whirlwind life hasn’t slowed down yet!  I am so ready for a weekend of nothing planned, where we can relax and have fun at home sweet home.

However, not this weekend.

HJ’s 4th birthday party is tomorrow.  I decided to let him have a party with friends this year, and he chose a construction theme.  While working on the guest list, I figured a few people would be unable to attend.  I mean, I have hardly seen my friends all fall since we have all been busy.  This must be their weekend of nothing, because EVERYONE is coming.  As of Saturday, I was thinking the guest list would be at 5.  Perfect!  Everyone can fit in the house, I bought enough favors, I can feel in control.  And them BAM!  Everyone RSVP’ed.  Including HJ, there will be 16 kids running around my house.  I picture chaos and screaming, how about you?

When we went to the Omaha Zoo this past summer, we ran into a little girl who was lost.  She was HJ’s age, and had no way of telling us how to contact her mom.  That experience made me purchase these awesome emergency tattoos for our vacation.  HJ knew that if he couldn’t find me, he could show another mommy the tattoo, and she would know how to find me.  It put my mind at ease in the crazy Disney crowds (and yes, I saw a child screaming and crying because he couldn’t find his parents while at Disney).  Plus, HJ thought the alligator tattoos were cool.

While at Cocoa Beach, we witnessed one of those truly awkward moments.  It started with this lady having her children take her photo.  That isn’t horrible…however the photo-shoot went on for 45 minutes, and some of the poses were a bit scandalous to involve child photographers.  Then, her husband joined in for another hour photo-shoot.  Lots of people were laughing about it, and a group of guys even started imitating them and taking their own pictures.  If you think I am exaggerating about the awkwardness of the photos…

photo (7)

See their kids hanging about?  This went on for almost 2 hours.  Also, there was a guy in the background playing the bagpipes.  He was not with them…but it was a tad out-of-place as well.

I am completely exhausted from trick or treating.  Also, I am officially old enough now that eating too much Halloween candy leaves my stomach in knots.  Ugh, I feel awful.  I would say lesson learned, but I love chocolate too much for that kind of nonsense.

I will end on this note…online dating summed up:


2 Thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. Well, first off, good luck this weekend with the party! Isn’t that the way it works? Most folks RSVP 5 minutes before start time, lol. And, the photo shoot: weirdos! I wonder if they were Americans or visiting from a foreign country? I haven’t gotten sick from the candy of last night yet, but I’m pacing myself, ha, ha…and online dating…it’s mostly tricks, not treats, I think! 😉 Have a great weekend, and here’s to finding time to breathe…-SWM

    • on November 1, 2013 at 9:55 pm said:

      They were Americans…we ran into them at the pool later. Still eating candy.

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