I received calorease from Moms Meet to review.  As a Moms Meets blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC. or the manufacturer of the product.

When I first heard about Calorease, I was skeptical.  I have not had the best of luck with any weight loss supplements, and always believe the best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise.  However, Calorease is stimulant free and heart healthy.  I was worried about feeling anxious or not being able to sleep, but was reassured that would not happen.

The low down:

Calorease is a revolutionary diet supplement that decreases daily caloric consumption by up to 500 calories a day. Stimulant free and heart healthy—Calorease has no unwanted side effects when taken as recommended. The unique, active fiber in Calorease, FBCx, is a soluble fiber derived from grain and binds up to 9 times its weight in dietary fiber. A convenient blister pouch provides 1 serving (2 tablets) so Calorease is easy to bring along for your lifestyle on the go!

Calorease does not contain gluten, lactose, yeast, wheat, sugar, salt, egg, soy, dairy, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. It is naturally sourced from grain and is suitable for vegans.

So, I decided to give it a shot.  The directions say to take 2 pills 3 times a day with fat containing meals or snacks.  Calorease binds and eliminates up to 18g of dietary fat.  I have been trying to eat healthier, and figured this would be a good way to jump-start the program.  That way, I could lose more weight with Calorease and then hope my healthy eating was on track enough to keep the weight off.

I was happy that Calorease did not give me any unwanted side effects like I was worried about.  However, I don’t feel as if the weight has been coming off either.  Maybe it is just hopefully thinking that I could have immediately started rocking a 2 piece, but for now, my clothes will stay on.

I am hoping that by continuing to eating healthier, I will be on the track to shedding some weight…more on this to follow!

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