Our vacation started with heading to Cocoa Beach in Florida.  My parents had rented a 2 bedroom condo overlooking the ocean, while my sister’s family had rented another condo.  After searching for places to stay, they actually found a great deal on a place at Vacation Rentals by Owner.  Our view, was amazing…

photo (4)

5th floor, overlooking the ocean.

Our mornings were spent drinking coffee (or juice) on the patio, while watching dolphins jump around in the waves.  We would sit there in silence and suddenly shout things out like, “THERE!  I SEE ONE!  DID YOU SEE IT!?! OH, LOOK!”

We would head down to the beach fairly early (it was hot out!) and spend the mornings splashing through the waves, looking for shells and building sandcastles.


HJ also learned to boogie board, and was nearly impossible to get inside when he discovered how fun it was.



One day, I noticed a crab stick its beady little eyes out of a hole and stare at me.  Naturally, I screamed and he ran back down his hole.  My dad wanted to see one, so he dug it out.  When the crab came flying out of the hole, my nephew ran about a quarter-mile screaming.  HJ shimmied up my leg like a koala bear while shouting at me to start driving home.  The rest of us screamed.  Loudly.

photo (3)

The crab ran under a local’s chair who was reading, he didn’t flinch.

While mornings were spent on the beach, we would go inside to cool down for lunch.  Then, head out to the pool for an hour or two.

photo (2)

When HJ was completely worn out, we would head in to rest.  He would nap, while I would read on the patio, drink an iced coffee and force myself to get ready for the day.

After HJ woke up, we would do a few quick things like stop by some shops or go to a manatee park in hopes of seeing…a manatee.


Do you see it?  Yeah, either did HJ, but how pretty is the manatee park?  My parents and I did notice one stick its nose out of the water, but we didn’t wait to long…it was around 95 outside that day!

Then we would go back to the condo to get ready for dinner.


Once again, the amazing view from our condo.

We went to a few seafood places for dinner.  In fact, one was so amazing, we went 2 nights in a row.  The first night, I ordered Scallop Volcano.  It is one of the best meals I have ever had.  Even HJ was adventurous and devoured crab cakes, fish and chips and ceviche.

When night set, we would relax in the condo or go on a beach walk.  We were there during a full moon.


While walking on the beach, a local told me that there were 2 weeks left of sea turtle season.  During this time, huge sea turtles would come onto land to lay their eggs.  They only do this during high tide and a full moon, so we were there at the perfect time.  However, we didn’t see any turtles.  Just a lot more crabs.  People were out crabbing, and we got to see the crabs in a cooler…close enough for me.

photo (5)

While the beach was amazing, HJ was excited for the next part of our trip…Disney World!

3 Thoughts on “Cocoa Beach

  1. Great pictures and certainly a fun time had by all.

  2. Looks like you had a glorious time! We’re planning a holiday at the Gold Coast in Australia at the moment, and looking at your photos just makes me want to get there right now….I can almost smell the salt in the air!

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