Guess what loves?  I am on vacation!  Since I am relaxing and computer-less, I wanted to share some oldie but goodies.  Here is a lost of my top 10 posts:

Another Stitch Fix Post Clearly people want to know what Stitch Fix is all about.

Homemade Face Wash I still use this nightly and recommend it to anyone!

No-Sew Roman-ish Shades This post was 2 years ago, and is still looked at daily.  I am hoping to fall in love with new fabric and make some new shades!

Fall Recipes with M&M’s and Motts Apple Juice I have noticed lots of pins of the apple cider, that must be why it has been so popular!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five and Part Six I love that these stories are at the top.  I feel like I really showed a side of myself I don’t open up about a lot.  Most of my friends haven’t even heard this whole story, yet lots of you read it all.  I also like that they all have about the same views.  That tells me that people who started the story were engaged enough to read the whole thing.

Mickey Mouse is Vain This makes me laugh, since we happen to be at Disney :).

Why Don’t I Have a Daddy? This is one of those posts where I really exposed my emotions.  I cried while writing this.  A lot.

Week Night Recipe: Pillsbury Grands Chicken Pot Pie Another one that has been pinned lots!

Dear Teacher My nerves and anxieties about sending HJ to school for the first time.

Lego Table HJ’s birthday present I made last year. Hope you enjoy reading the top ten posts from A Slice of Mudpie!  I will be back soon with LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

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