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I am on vacation, but didn’t want to leave everyone without a few posts.  Some of my favorite bloggy friends have offered to post in the meantime, and I think you will enjoy getting to know them.  Today, is a cute etsy store, perfect for little girls, and Monday is a yummy recipe!  Enjoy!
Also, the lovely Kari is offering a discount code to her cute shop (code at the bottom of the post)…
Hey Yall!  I am Kari from Pink Cow Mootique!  A few months ago, I stumbled across the Wifessionals blog and her Cara Box Exchange program!  This sounded amazing, so I joined.  Well, it has been nothing short of amazing!  I have met some really great ‘friends’ through this ordeal.  If you like to receive adorable boxes filled with goodies (for you!!!!), then head over there and sign up!  Its so much fun!
My latest friend is Kristin, here at Slice of Mudpie!  Unfortunately, we live quite a few states away, but she seems so down to Earth and ‘likeable’!  I am sure we would be friends in real life! 🙂  Plus, that little HJ she has is quite a charmer!
So, Kristin asked me to do a guest post and I feel very honored to be here!  She told me to write about anything.  Well, that is a big open ocean, if you ask me and I have so many ideas, yet no ideas…if that makes any sense!!??!
So, I am just going to talk about me and our handmade shop!
I am married and have 2 1/2 year old twin girls!  (twins are amazing…that could be a whole post in itself)…When my girls were born, my mother in law started sewing and crocheting.  She made us so much stuff and everyone kept saying we should open an etsy shop.  So, we did.  Since opening, we have revisited our goals several times and we currently have quite a big bow stash going.  We have sold a lot local, and are working on marketing to the internet world.  We also have a lot of items in the works and cannot wait to reveal those very soon!
So, how did we come up with the name Pink Cow Mootique?  When my girls were itty bitty (gosh, those were the days…), they somehow ‘took to’ these pink lovey cows.  They have stuck with them ever since.  CANNOT go without them.  They both are obsessed.  So much, that we had to search Amazon (they were baby shower gifts) to find more.  We currently have about 12 between all the houses the girls will be at!!  Sitting around one day trying to think up names, we were holding the girls and one of us mentioned how special the cows were….the rest is history!!
Starting up a handmade business is slow.  I have done a lot of research and we are working out the kinks as we go.  It is my dream to have a successful handmade business and I love how social media has really allowed hand makers to ‘step up their game’.  It is so much fun learning all about it.
A special thanks to Kristin for allowing me to post today!!  I sure hope you stay around and get to know me and my shop a little better!
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How cute is her store?  And her twins?!?!  Also, Kari is offering all Slice of Mudpie readers a discount.  Just enter the code “mudpie”.  The code is good through October 24th!

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