I am loving the rich and beautiful colors that are popping up at every store this fall season.  The past few years, I have found my fashion must-haves through blogs.  Even better?  When you can actually purchase the items you fall in love with through blogs.  I try to make sure my fashion posts are something others can not only want to purchase themselves, but are items they can afford to.  For me, the less expensive, the better.

A great way to scope out new fall must-haves, is by checking out the SearsStyle Blog.  There, you can find fashion tips from bloggers and the editor, as well as links to get the items you see!  The fashion bloggers give great tips on how to wear items.

This is how I came across a must-have shirt on the SearsStyle Blog.  It is a beautiful wine color with black lace on the sides.  It did come with a necklace, but I am partial to wearing my “Harrison” necklace.  That is what led me to stop by Sear’s, and pick out 2 cute new outfits for fall.   I paired this with a pair of cute black skinny jeans.  I know the black jeans will get a lot of wear this winter, and they weren’t even $20!

fallstylebysears#shop fallstylebysears2#shop

I love the lace trim, it makes a plain shirt feel a little glamorous.


The best part?  The total for both outfits was under $60.  Two full outfits, $60.  Heck yes.  I love being able to find a great fall look for less!  To be honest, I haven’t shopped at Sear’s in years.  But I had my arms full of items to try on in no time.  Not only that, they had really cute jewelry and adorable shoes.

Besides grabbing the lace trimmed top, I instantly snatched up a pair of red jeans.  I spent a lot of time looking for  a pair last winter, and never came across ones that fit me quite right (ah, short girl probs).  These fit great, and although they are skinny jeans, they fit better than the legging styles I tried to squeeze into all last year.  I topped my new red pants off with a cute, black button-up top.

searsstyle1#shop searsstyle3#shop

The little details on the top make it more fun than the average button down.  It makes me think it will look cute dressed up or wearing it for a casual day.


Also, the length.  Have I mentioned how much I love when I don’t have to get pants altered?

Two great fall looks, for less than $60 and easily found on the Sears Style Blog.  Plus, with Sears Shop Your Way rewards, I am going to be saving even more!  That is fall fashion I love!

8 Thoughts on “This is Style: Hello, Fall!

  1. LOVE those red pants!!

  2. Oh you look so cute in those red pants, well actually you look cute in both outfits but I love the red pants the most!

  3. Great outfits and even better prices!! Wow.

  4. Oh I loooove both your outfits!! I’d seriously want both of them-you just made red jeans make my “must buy” list and I that burgundy & lace top is so elegant and simple and comfy looking all rolled into one! 🙂 #client

  5. Me too. LOOOOOVE The red jeans!

  6. dancers4life on October 9, 2013 at 5:56 pm said:

    LOVE those outfits! The burgundy and lace top is so flattering and slimming, and I have been looking for red jeans that fit forEVER! Short girls unite… Looks like I need a trip to Sears!

  7. Love the outfits you came up with! I’ve been looking for some red jeans and now know where to get them. #client

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