HJ’s name is Harrison James.  I love it.  It fits him perfect.  It is after my grandpa “Harry” and my dad “James”.  The fact that it is family names makes it so meaningful.  So no, I wasn’t a huge Indiana Jones fan, and it isn’t after Harrison Ford.

Although, that may just be a Halloween costume!

That’s not to say a lot of boy names didn’t go through my head…this one just happened to be at the top.

The first time the name crossed my radar was about a month before I knew I was pregnant.  Which means, I was pregnant at the time.  I had the TV on, and the credits from some kid movie were on.  I saw the name Harrison flash across the screen, and thought it was cute.  I told myself it would be a great way to honor my grandparents and made a mental note to remember it.

Then, I learned I was pregnant.

Originally, I liked Logan or Harrison.  However, that week I looked at the “new additions” section of the paper and there were 3 Logan’s born that week alone.  I knew I wanted a name that was a little unique, yet everyone could pronounce or spell it.

Then I threw out a lot of names…Greyson, Jameson, Drew, Brayden…

The girl names had left me unsure.  I liked Harper, Piper, Chloe, Emersyn and Madilyn, but nothing clicked like Harrison did.

The final list was Bennett, Nolan or Harrison.  Bennett almost won due to its meaning (little blessed one).  But with the family meaning thrown in, Harrison always led the pack.

Until a week before my delivery date.  “I think I decided on Mason”.

It was cute.  Boy-like.  I didn’t know any Masons.  But I also had no idea why I suddenly changed my mind.  It just seemed overwhelming to be in charge of naming a baby.  For its WHOLE LIFE.  That’s some scary stuff.

But he was still my little Harrison James.  Always.

My own name was picked by my parents who heard the name being called out on a ski-slope in Colorado.  I have a feeling they were drinking at the time, so thank God it was a normal name they overheard.  Rumor has it I was born 9 months later.

How did you pick your child’s name?  Does it mean something special?  Does it hold family meaning?  Is it cute?  Fun? Sophisticated?


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3 Thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. Our daughter is Quinn Lauren. There’s absolutely no meaning to the middle name, it just sounded good with Quinn. As for her first name, I just liked it. My husband’s a huge Batman fan so there’s Harley Quinn and she was born while I was still kind of watching Glee, but it’s not after either of those characters. It’s unique enough and most people can pronounce it. I didn’t realize how hard it was for older people to say/hear Quinn instead of Gwen.

  2. Naming is so difficult! We ended up with Molly after I had a dream about that name then I couldn’t forget it! I’s so glad it randomly appeared because it’s perfect!

  3. This post seems like a million years ago

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