I can’t believe it is almost fall.  This summer has absolutely flown by.  HJ and I were able to have so much fun this summer.  He is old enough that he was able to do so many new things by himself.  He attempted biking sans training wheels, jumped off a diving board and climbed around jungle gyms like it was no big deal.  We went on a few trips, visited a couple zoos and ran around the neighborhood.  He experienced an ice cream truck, performed puppet shows and attended concerts.  HJ got to go boating and swimming.  He can play baseball without a tee and hit a tennis ball over the net.  Sometimes,  I swear he thinks he is 8 and not 3.  Luckily, my sweet little boy has a special place for his best friend, mommy.  Instead of continuing to ramble on about our super fun summer, here are some of my favorite pictures:



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