You know that wonderful relief your body feels as you come into your home on a Friday afternoon?  Work is done for a few days and the excitement of the weekend is ready to begin?  That’s how I felt on Friday as I stepped in my back door and kicked off my shoes.  I stepped onto the rug in the mudroom and my foot squished into a puddle.

What the?

I feel HJ’s shorts thinking he had an accident.  He hasn’t had one in months, and when he did, he went into panic mode, so I figured there was no way it could be him.  I glare at the dog and take another step.  And I splash.

I splash.  In my mudroom.

Go back 2 weeks…my washing machine had been making a grinding noise, so I called the store I bought it from.  They sent someone out who tightened some thingy.  He said it should be fine, but since the machine was under warranty, he was going to replace a part.   Nothing was wrong other than the noise part.  Fast forward to last Tuesday, he replaced the “thingy”.  I did a load of laundry on Wednesday.  And Thursday.  Friday morning before leaving for work, I threw the rug back into the mudroom (it had been on the deck all week).  I started a load of laundry during my lunch hour, and planned on throwing it in the dryer when I got home.


I immediately called the appliance store and told them my washing machine was leaking everywhere.  He said, “Oh man, I wish you would have called 2 minutes ago, now it’s past 5.  I can send someone out next week.”


Their customer service has always been amazing.

I head downstairs and realize the floor is covered in water, it had leaked down there.  I went back upstairs and opened the coat closet.  That’s when I figured out it had been leaking since Tuesday and it took me 3 loads of laundry to discover it.  The smell of musty, standing water poured into the mudroom.

I whined and bitched a bit and decided this wasn’t going to change my night.  I loaded HJ into the car and we headed to an outdoor concert with some friends.  We had a blast running around and playing and dancing and I got to talk to adults outside of work.  Even if most of them were my co-workers.

When we got home, I started tackling the mudroom.  I pulled everything out of the closet, cleaned and dried it.  I scrubbed the floors and dried them so I could try to figure out what exactly was causing the washer to leak.  I pulled the washer out and I figured it out.  Me, who can barely figure out how to hammer something, could see what was wrong, but somehow the appliance repair man missed it.

Here is what was wrong in technical terms:  There is this little tube thingy that comes out from the washing machine.  This is what takes the water out of your washer and gets rid of it.  That is not supposed to be sticking straight up in the air.  That would cause water to splash all over the place.  Duh.  So I stuck it in the hole thing in the wall and started the washer.  Guess what?  It didn’t leak.

It seems to me that should have been checked out by Mr. Repair Man.  But don’t worry, I got it covered.  Meanwhile, I am still trying to completely dry out the floors and the ceiling.

That’s how my weekend started.

The next morning, HJ and I went to Farmer’s Market.  He was happy as can be, holding my hand and talking about the corn on the cob we were going to get.  He looked at all the booths set up and flipped out.  Apparently he was expecting something other than the usual farmer’s market we go to.  And he was ticked.  I went and got some corn, and he cried and screamed.  Insisted on me carrying him.

Now, I am carrying a 35 lb child, a 25 lb purse, and half a dozen ears of corn.  So I decide to get a bag of apples.  And some broccoli, a cucumber and a few peppers.  And he is crying and mad.  And wanting to pet the dogs.  His eyes are swollen and puffy.  He says he can’t walk because his legs are broke.  I finally call it quits.

He has never had a melt down that lasted this long.  I was beside myself.  I brought him home and got him lunch and some milk.  I ran to the cabinet to grab his chocolate to put in the milk.  This is when he looked at me and yelled “where’s my chocolate?!?!” and dumped his milk on the floor.  He dumped it on the floor.  I may have yelled, “what the hell are you doing?”  And I left it there for a good 20 minutes until he finally mopped it up to get out of time-out.

I call my mom to sit with him so I can get a few errands done and hopefully refresh my attitude.

I grab my list and my coupons and ran to Kohl’s.  I picked up the one item I was looking for and went to the cash register.  And I can’t find my 20% off coupon.  The lady tells me I need it and I ask if there are any online I can use.  She says “if you can find it”.  Thanks.  I can’t find it and a line is forming so I tell her to “fuck off”.  Wait, no, that’s what I was thinking.  I told her, “Sorry, I can’t find it,” and I paid the full price.

I was debating where to get groceries and remember I wanted to pick up a toy to tuck away for HJ’s birthday before the stores stop selling them, so I chose Target.  I can get the toy, grab the groceries and be done!

Of course, the toy is gone, grr.  So I head to the groceries.  For some reason, there were quite a few empty shelves (I am guessing because it was move in weekend at the college), and I head out of the store with no toy and missing 3 of the 8 items on my list.  Fail.

Also, throughout my errands, I had been trying to find a friend to get a drink with me that night. I couldn’t find anyone and it made me feel like I have no friends.  I was stressed, ticked and really in need of a break.

Then my bag broke while walking to the car.

I hurried to my car.  And cried.

It was just one thing after another.  I couldn’t take it.  I needed a friend and couldn’t find one.  I was feeling broke, and only able to get the few items I bought because I sold some of my old handbags.  After all these things, I just wanted something to go smooth.

I pull into the house and carry my bags inside, hoping the break has helped HJ’s attitude.  The house had been torn apart.  My mom told me that the boys left the door open and the dog got out and tried to eat the neighbor’s dog.  I lost my cool.

I feel like there have been many times when I held it together.  I try to be as patient as possible, and I know I stay calmer than most in many situations.  But not on Saturday.  I feel like my weekend needs a do-over.


5 Thoughts on “A Time-Out for Mommy

  1. I have days like that and I’m not even a single mom with nearly the amount of responsibilities you have. :( You’re a very strong woman. We all have meltdowns – don’t beat yourself up over it. Things will get better.

    I actually have a funny washer story… involved a full trap (which was harder then dickens to get to – I now check it every few months even though its a pain). I ended up flooding my kitchen TWICE because when I move the washer that hose came out of the hole and I didn’t realize it. On Thanksgiving Day at that.

  2. I wish I could hand you a drink and offer to babysit (or help dry out the house). I have been there many times. Very recently. There will be better days. Kudos to you for choosing to walk away from the chaos and have that fun at the concert, for holding your ground with HJ and making him clean up his dumped out milk, for not telling the cashier off, and for fixing the washer problem!

  3. ugh mama I am so sorry you had to go thru all that crap! Single momhood is hard because I feel like I am trying to navigate life with one less arm or something! We should have a vent session on all things singlehood, I know I could use it sometimes too!

  4. If I lived closer I would baby sit..or make the husband baby sit and we would go drinking lady friend!

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your rough weekend. It happens to the best of us. I wish I lived nearby so we could have a wine night! If you ever need to vent, friend, you know my email! Sometimes it helps to just let it all out.

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