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HJ has been a big fan Disney Pixar Films.  We have watched Disney Pixar Cars, the movie,  on repeat more times than I care to admit, and his toy box is filled with Toy Story characters.  That’s why I knew HJ would be ecstatic when I told him about our rainy day activity.

Want to see a little boy who is so very excited?

Excuse the part where I call the movie airplanes instead of Disney Planes.  The movie Airplane! is totally different.  And excuse the end where I am tackled at Subway in a bear hug.

HJ and I decided to make the best of a rainy weekend night by transforming our kitchen into a runway by picking out a few goodies at our local Walmart.  I knew HJ had recently gone to the theater to check out Disney Pixar Film, Planes with Nana and really liked Dusty, the lead character and was asking for his very own Disney Planes “Dusty”.


HJ was in heaven picking out his new toys and was eager to get them home.



When we arrived home, I started setting up our kitchen to be a path of roads and runways.  HJ gathered up his new Disney Planes and Disney Pixar Cars and eagerly sat by.

I laid strips of duct tape around the kitchen floor that all led to HJ’s new Aircraft Carrier.


Once the tape was down, HJ and I both took a  black marker to mark the roads to help guide the Disney Planes down the runway.  After about 10 minutes of set-up, the kitchen was ready to keep HJ entertained the whole weekend!


Pick-up was simple, just pull the tape up!  I am thinking the roadways might be on the kitchen floor all winter long to help with being “trapped indoors”.

Want to check out more Disney Pixar Cars and Disney Planes?  Head to Walmart!  Also, check out my google+ album for more pictures!

5 Thoughts on “Disney Planes and Our Duct Tape Runway

  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Love that carrier toy.

  2. Love the duct-tape runway! Pinning your idea right now!

  3. That is such a good idea to use duct tape. I thought about making on paper, but decided it wouldn’t hold up. Your idea is brilliant! 🙂

  4. SUPER cute Kristin!! What a great idea to make the duct tape runway! Also, LOVE the video, too cute!

  5. Love that you made a duct tape road. We used to do the same thing with black electrical tape!

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