The other day, I realized I had quite a few berries in the fridge that either needed to be eaten quickly or would end up being tossed out.  While debating what I could make with all the fruit, I had a flashback to my childhood.  Every now and then, my mom would make us homemade popsicles.  I can’t remember what she put in them or how she made them, but I remember them being delicious.

I decided HJ and I would use the berries to make our own popsicles.  When I told him the plan, he was EXTREMELY excited.  We washed the blueberries and chopped up some strawberries and added them to the blender.  I was trying to decide between using lemonade or OJ, when HJ told me lemonade would be best.

We mixed everything up really well and gave it a taste test.  HJ thought it was wonderful tasting and was not thrilled when learning the popsicles wouldn’t actually be ready until the next day.

fruit smoothie one

I poured the mixture into the popsicle molds, while HJ put the sticks in.


And we popped them in the freezer.  The next night, we enjoyed our homemade treats for dessert.


pop rec

Have you made homemade popsicles?  Let me know what other ingredients we can use to make some yummy popsicles!


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  1. Looks so yummy!

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