Hello lovely readers!  HJ is currently under the weather, and threw an epic tantrum at Target last night.  The reason?  There was a girl on the box of medicine I picked up.  He didn’t want GIRL medicine.  Unfortunately, there were no “boy” choices.

Also, I applied to win a contest with Stitch Fix, and would love if you could GO HERE and vote for me!  I only need around 70 votes to take the lead :).

I have struggled to find the best work-out routine since having a child.  Today, Merrie is sharing a few tips she has!


Hi there A Slice of Mudpie readers! This is Merrie from The Skinny Student! I am a junior in college studying Speech-Language Pathology. I started my blog a little over a month ago as a way to track my fitness progress as a loose the Freshman 15. At The Skinny Student you can find workouts, healthy living tips and view my progress!

Today I will be sharing my 5 tips on how to work out with a little one. Now, I may not be a mother myself but I have certainly had plenty of practice in the field. With eight nieces and nephews and an 8-year-old brother (my family is a little crazy), I have my hands full with kids a lot of the time. I also know how hard it can be to get a good workout in while you have a crazy kid running around. So, instead of trying to workout by your lonesome with a crazy tyke running around, workout WITH them instead.
1) Get those legs moving– Go out on a walk or run with your kiddo! For an added bonus, make it a race! “Whoever finishes this lap last is a rotten egg!”(works every time!) If your kid is anything like my brother, they are always wanting to be grown up. An added novelty that will get them really excited about walking and feel more grown up is to get them on a treadmill! Since this is a grown up machine, I put him on a walking speed (around 3.0) and if he wants a challenge I may bump up the incline to .5 or 1.0.
2) Play some sports– Getting outdoors and playing some baseball, soccer, or volleyball can be a fantastic workout for the whole family!
3) Weights– Now you may be thinking I’m crazy with this workout here. But, once again my brother was wanting so badly to be a grown up and workout with weights that I finally broke down and let him. I gave him the two-pound weights and we went through a few reps of basic arm movements (like bicep curl and lateral raise). Although this was a harder workout for him, he loved it!
4) Release your inner child– Do not underestimate how good kiddie toys and games can be good for a workout! Grab a few jump ropes and hula hoops and you and your kid will have a great workout! Again, you can make this challenge. Whoever can hula hoop the longest or can jump rope the longest wins! You’ll be surprised of how hard of a workout this can be!
5) Stretching– After a great workout with your little one, don’t forget to teach them the importance of stretching their muscles afterwards!


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