If you have children, I am sure you have seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  HJ loves it.  Every morning while I get ready, HJ watches it from my bed.  He talks back to it when they say things, he learns things, he pretends to be Toodles, and laughs at their shenanigans.

The show is fine.  It usually has a lesson of sorts, and it’s not one of the children shows that drives me up a wall (I’m looking at you, Calliou).  However, after seeing NUMEROUS episodes, there are a few things that I question…

Did you ever have a club growing up?  If so, was it named after one person, or the whole group?  I never had a club called “Kristin’s Club”.  Ya know why?  Because if I did, no one would want to play with me.

mickey Many things on this show are all about Mickey Mouse and how he is the most popular guy in town.  EVERYTHING is named after him.  There’s a Mickey Park, a Mickey constellation, Mickey this and Mickey that.   Even the clubhouse is built to look like him, that is just weird.  HOW FLIPPIN’ EGOTISTICAL CAN YOU BE?  Everything is about him.  It’s like a cult.  Everyone loves him.  He always has the right answer.  Everything goes his way.  Mickey is perfect.
Get over yourself, Mickey.

imagesThe whole clubhouse gang seem to be the cool kids in town.  They rarely include others unless the person shows up, and everyone else seems to be vying for their attention.

It seems only a few people on the show have jobs.  Minnie runs her Bowtique that Daisy seems to be employed at. Clarabelle has the Moo Mart.  Besides that, I feel like the men are just free-loading.


Oh, Toodles!

indexDon’t you wish you had this in your own life?  I magic little thing that floats down offering you free things that ALWAYS corrects any problem at hand?  And, if the things shown don’t help, the MYSTERY MOUSEKATOOL will inevitably be the perfect solution.  How are we going to reach the tree limb? Oh, I know, Toodles will do it. God forbid you figure out how to solve the issue on your own.

petePete is kinda a jerk.  At times.  I am confused by him.  He is always asking for money or a payment of sorts.  Yet, the clubhouse members are nice to him.  I guess this isn’t a bad thing, but for once I would like them to stand up to him.

Donald has some issues.  I think he could benefit from being on medication.  He seems to flip out for no apparent reason.  And he should really meet with a speech therapist.  This brings me to another point…


Why don’t Donald and Daisy wear pants?  Everyone else does.  I mean really, have some decency.

Are there any kid shows that drive you up a wall?  Let’s over-analyze them together!

6 Thoughts on “Mickey Mouse is Vain

  1. Now that I think about it ..the club house is pretty vain! Most have had some hard life lessons too due to their bad decisions in life.

  2. Love this post!! After seeing every episode several times (my son is a huge fan) I have spent way too much time analyzing Curious George. Why do strangers act like its normal for a monkey to be wandering the city alone? And why do these strangers trust him with jobs (working at a concession stand, a candy counter etc.). And why does a chef let him help in the kitchen? That’s gotta be breaking some health codes.

    Why do George’s human friends’ patents/guardians let their kids go to a middleaged single man’s apartment to play with his monkey, and go on vacations with them? Why doesn’t anyone tell Bill (George’s friend in the country) that George is a monkey, not a “city kid”? In every episode and book George makes a huge mess of everything, but no one seems to care. Also,. Is there something going on between professor wiseman and the man with the yellow hat?

    And finally, if George is a monkey, why doesn’t he have a tail?! Phew…I clearly over think this show, but after watching it for 2 years with my son, I have many burning questions, lol!

    • sliceofmudpie@gmail.com on August 6, 2013 at 8:46 am said:

      Best comment ever. I am always bothered by the man’s yellow hat, why is he wearing it?? And George has a bedroom and a bed, wouldn’t a monkey prefer something else?

  3. kathie on August 7, 2013 at 8:23 pm said:

    really===don’t pick on Mickey

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