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This weekend, I woke up to HJ snuggled against me and cracking up.  He was laughing so hard in his sleep, that it woke me up.  I laid there watching him while he slept, with a huge smile across his face.  When he finally woke up, he told me about his silly dream where a guy put a bucket on a dog’s tail and the tail was wagging back and forth.  It makes me happy that he has silly dreams :).

Today, instead of me guest posting, I have my own guest poster here! Shaye, from Simply Shaye, is sharing some great ideas to help save money this summer.


Summer provides more opportunities to have good times with family and friends.  The hectic pace of the year usually slows down a bit, and holidays are more relaxed.  Make the most of time for vacations and outdoor activities by following a few tips that can help to save you money you can utilize for making summer memories.

Make Money On Your Clutter 

Clutter accumulates magically by itself, much like the proverbial wire coat hangers.  Items you once used daily suddenly become useless as children grow, hobbies change and new products are purchased.  Take a weekend to go through closets, garage and basement and collect the clothing, appliances, sports equipment and other items you no longer use.  These objects are taking up precious storage space and are like money in the bank if you can find a good buyer.  Get out your digital camera, take a picture and decide a fair price for the item.  Post it on Craigslist or EBay.  Many objects you think are useless can turn out to be someone else’s precious find.  These sales can help to earn extra money for vacations, summer programs and other uses.  IT garage sales are popular in your area, you can hold one of your own.

Limit Your Air Conditioning

Summer can bring searing temperatures.  If your home doesn’t have many shade trees around to prevent the structure from heating up, you are likely to run up an outrageous electric bill over the warm months.  If you have full-house air-conditioning, install a programmable thermostat to allow temperatures to rise when no one is at home and lower them before everyone arrives for the evening.  Lower the air-conditioner, find out where the cross breezes are in your house and put a fan at each end of the breeze “tunnel” to keep cooling air flowing throughout the day.  Make sure windows and doors are securely caulked so that cool air doesn’t escape.

Seek Out “Free Admission” Days

Many communities have attractions that offer “free admission” on certain days f the week.  These may include museums, amusement parks, zoos and other venues.  Many of these attractions offer additional days during the summer when children are out of school and need diversions to occupy them.  Many communities also offer special family rates on transportation during the summer to make your excursion even more economical.  Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it at a nearby park to enjoy a low-cost family day of fun.

Board a Dog

If you’re an animal lover, you can augment your vacation fund by opening your home for boarding a pet during someone’s vacation.  Many people find commercial kennels and boarding facilities unacceptable for their dog.   The animal may have separation anxiety or health problems that make traditional boarding unacceptable. When you do dog boarding you can enjoy the presence of a “guest pet” in your home while making extra money for summer activities.

There are a few ways to save money and make money this summer. You might find that you enjoy your summer vacation more this year. That’s because it’s comforting to know that you didn’t need to raid your bank account to fund your trip!

Shaye is a single mom that has a passion for family, budgeting, healthy living, fitness, and travel. She loves finding new ways to cook healthier and stay fit, all while doing it on a budget. She has a beautiful son and one eccentric dog, but wouldn’t have it any other way.. Follow her blog athttp://simplyshaye.wordpress.com!  

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