This month, I participated in my first blogging gift exchange.  I signed up for the #carabox exchange through Wifessionals, and had a blast!  The idea behind the exchange is to make new friends, and send them a letter of encouragement as well as a box of items that go with the monthly theme.  July’s theme was nautical, and I was excited to give a fun gift, as well as receive one!

Cara Box Button

I was paired up with Christen and Nicole.  Throughout the month, we emailed back and forth and got to know each other.

As I got to know Christen, I started coming up with some fun ideas to send her way.  It was easy to connect with her, as we had numerous things in common.  Knowing that she loves to write take her kids to the library, I started filling her box with homemade note cards and a cute book for the kids, Toy BoatHere is her post on what she received!

My other partner was Nicole.  Nicole is such a sweet person, and I am so glad I got to know her!  We would chat back and forth about jobs, career paths, HJ and how we were spending our summer.  When I received the HEAVY package in the mail, HJ and I were excited to see what we received.

PicMonkey CollageNicole not only spoiled myself and HJ, but she also threw in a toy for Ty!  Ty received a squeaky fish that was instantly thrown by HJ for a game of fetch.  HJ received a new book, which he read throughout dinner and requested it for one of his night-night books.  He also got a 3 puzzle set of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  I received a yummy smelling candle, a container with sand and shells, a little “mom” sign and nail polish (that is already on my nails).  There was also a pretty looking candle holder, but unfortunately, it did not survive the trip!

Are there any blog exchanges you are involved with or recommend?  I had so mach fun with this one, I might need some more!!

One Thought on “July Cara Box Reveal: Nautical Theme

  1. So happy you enjoyed it, and so glad I got to know you! 🙂 and sorry again that the candle holder didn’t make it!

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