Have you guys ever heard of Card Store?  It’s a really cool site that you can find unique cards, and even make your own using your photos.  I know, there are lots of sites that do that…but this one, you can upload your signature, and they will mail it to the recipient for you.

Take a look…photo-2


Here’s what the home page looks like.  You can select different categories of cards to browse and create invites or stationery. They can even import birthdays from your facebook (because how else do you know when people’s birthdays are?).

This is where I discovered my absolute favorite part.  You know how I am super organized and have to have things done well in advance or I get anxiety?  With Card Store, I can go online, order all sorts of cards for people, and schedule delivery dates up to a year in advance.   That’s right, I can pick out my cards for an entire year and set up delivery.  They charge you the price of a stamp and mail it out for you.  It’s things like this that let me know there is a God.  Also, I can be a tad dramatic once in a while.

I was able to set up an account with Card Store.  This allows me to view and save items or projects.  I am also able to create and store an address book.  That way, when I want to mail a card out, I don’t have to search for an address, it’s all stored for me!photo-1

I was also able to sign up for a rewards program that lets me earn points to get free product.photo-3

I got to test out the site by creating my own card.  Since I plan in advance, I decided to make a card for Grandparent’s Day (don’t worry, it’s in September, you have lots of time to order your own).  I selected a cute card and uploaded some pictures to use.

I was able to edit the card so it could say what I wanted, and it allowed me to crop the pictures to fit the card.  Once I had it edited, I was able to review the card before purchasing.

photo-5They even allowed me to double check for any promotional codes I might be missing.  I was able to pick my own delivery options; if I wanted it sent to me or the recipient.

The site was great and easy to navigate.  There is even an app for smart phones!  While the app was easy to navigate, it didn’t allow for as many options as the full site, but would be great for a “Oh crap, I forgot to get and send a card” moment (I can’t be the only one that has those).

I am imagining how awesome this site will be come Christmas Card season, no stamp sticking for me this year!

Go check out the Card Store and let me know what you think!  They are currently offering free shipping (until 7/22) with the code: CWJ3717.


*While I was given a free card to try out the site, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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