I feel like I haven’t been too active on pinterest lately, but I wanted to share the things I have tried!

Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad


This was my first time making quinoa, but I have heard so much about it lately.  The salad was…okay.  I felt that I needed a bit more pizazz.  The good thing?  It was really filling!  I will try this again, but maybe add more sauce (maybe even chicken), and I will cut the recipe in half.  I had food for days!!

Homemade Plaster Handprint

This was my pinterest fail.  The directions seemed easy enough, but I was in a rush.  First, I made the plaster wrong.  Then, HJ didn’t want to do it.  Next, we didn’t have 3 hours to sit at home with the oven on.  And then I just decided “no”, mission failed.  Anyone have luck with this?

Lucky Charm Bars

I am torn if I should call these a failure or success.  I made them to bring to someone, however, this is what they were supposed to look like:

crispCute, huh?  My marshmallows slightly melted, causing the color to look like that lovely shade when you mix all the play-doh together.  Not pretty.  So, HJ and I ate them all instead of gifting them.  THEY WERE YUMMY.


White Berry Wine Sangria


Yum. Light, refreshing, wine, berries, need I say more?

Classic Red Sangria with Citrus

One word, STRONG.  One glass of this and I would have been dancing on the counter-top.  Luckily, I stopped after a few sips and just shimmied in the kitchen.  However, some of my guests really liked this.  Clearly, they are better drinkers than myself.

I made both sangria’s for a party.  They both call for copious amounts of alcohol, and I felt like a drunk buying it all.

30-Day Ab Challenge

I don’t get it, I did the full 30-days, and I still don’t have a 6 pack.  Actually, I saw no difference at all!  If only I still had my 20-year-old metabolism.  I am going to go eat a cookie now.

Lightened-Up Chicken Salad

tumblr_mcl8hxMTYv1qhhgszThis was tasty!  Even HJ loved it.  I love chicken salad with grapes in it.  I also threw in a handful of cranberries, because I think they rock in chicken salad.

Resistence Band Work-Out

I have been trying to find things to do at home to help strengthen my back.  I have done this work out a handful of times, and was sweating every time.  Harder than it looks!


This is just the story of my life…





4 Thoughts on “A Pinterest Post

  1. I’ve had better luck with handprints in paint than plaster for the same reasons you mentioned. 🙂 I have had them work pretty good by making homemade playdough and letting them air dry. I think the trick to the rice krispies is that they sprinkled fresh marshmallows on top of the patted down bars so they didn’t melt – might have to let them cool a minute first. I’m convinced half the stuff on Pinterest is professions and professionally photo-shopped rather than “real” people doing this stuff – especially the abs stuff. 🙂

  2. Ooo the sangria looks really good!!

  3. These look great…I will definitely have to try something!

  4. I need to put more of my Pins to use. This is quite impressive that you actually tried all those things (or am I just lazy? hehe). I have found a lot of work outs on Pinterest and I have seen some results, but I have been doing them for months and I am far from having a six pack and all! We can’t expect too much I guess, but I feel good.
    That eecard quote is so funny and true!

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