This past week, my neighbor and I brought our boys to Omaha to check out the zoo.  We left on a Sunday afternoon with 2 VERY excited boys.  HJ was so excited, he sat in the car an hour before we were supposed to leave.  And waited.

Finally, it was time to leave.  A few hours into a long car drive, neighbor boy (who will be called C), mentioned he didn’t feel well.  The moms chalked it up to being bored and thought nothing much of it.  I little while later, neighbor climbed into the back seat to help him with something, and her sweet little boy became VERY car sick.  We had a quick pull over, where C had to change in a ditch and neighbor tried everything she could to clean the car a bit (we had not prepared for this).  C was laughing at us and exclaiming, “Wow, I feel much better now” within minutes.

Back on the road, we made it to our hotel and headed out for dinner at Granite City.  No one got sick there, but HJ fell off his chair and smashed his finger in a door.  And my bloody Mary came to the table garnish free :(.

After din-din and a run to Walgreen’s to get stuff to clean the car out, we headed to the hotel pool.  The boys had a blast and we sort-of wore them out.  They thought it was pretty cool we were all staying in the same room, so bed time was a bit later than usual.

The next morning, our 2-boy alarm clock woke us up at 6am.  We decided to get ready, grab breakfast and head out to the Henry Doorley Zoo.


We were lucky to get a day of perfect weather, and spent over 7 hours looking at everything the zoo had to offer.  There was a petting zoo area, where they could pet goats and a donkey.  They also had a spot where the kids could dig for fossils, and I think they would have been happy there the whole day.  We also took a quick ride on the carousel and then headed to a special exhibit…dinosaurs!


double 2

HJ mentioned a few months back that he wanted to see dinosaurs, so when a friend told me there was an exhibit at the Omaha Zoo, I knew we had to go.  HJ was pumped to see them.  That is, until he actually saw one.


Then, he learned they were kind-of scary.  I held him (after taking a picture), and told him they weren’t real and could not hurt him.  He seemed hesitant, but finally came around after I showed him the plant eaters (we had read lots about them before going on our trip).

PicMonkey Collage

After the dinosaurs, we went on a train ride and grabbed a bite to eat.  We walked around and saw as many things as we could.  We saw a protective mama lion and her little cubs, gorillas, monkeys and big ol’ rinos.

animal shot

There was an aquarium where you could walk in a tunnel, surrounded by the water.  Sharks were swimming over top of us, close enough to see ALL the rows of teeth.

We also made sure to stop by HJ’s favorite animal, the giraffes.  This is where I was a bad mom.  I had read somewhere, that you could buy leaves to feed the giraffes.  I also know at the zoo in Des Moines, you can pet the giraffes, so it really didn’t seem far-fetched.  Knowing how much HJ LOVES giraffes, I told him we could do this.  He walked into the giraffe house SO excited.  We entered a room where a handful of giraffes stood in a concrete room.  We could not get to close to the window.  And we definitely couldn’t touch them.  This led to one sad, sad little nugget.  UNTIL!  We found a giraffe statue outside that HJ could sit on.  He seemed slightly content with this.


Before we left, the boys got to pick out a little gift.  C picked out a monkey, while HJ picked out a LARGE giraffe.  To match the little giraffe he brought with him.  We left the park with 2 tired boys, 2 happy moms, and a bunch of exciting memories.




One Thought on “Henry Doorly Zoo Trip

  1. Katie on July 8, 2013 at 8:12 am said:

    so much fun:) and both boys were much braver than their mom’s on the skyline!! can’t wait for our next mini vacay!!

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