I am unsure how this happened.  HJ love, LOVES basketball.  Not that I hate basketball, but I never played after 8th grade.  I am 5’2″, so basketball was not an area I flourished at.  HJ however, loves it.  I blame Space Jam.  He loves watching the movie.  He thinks Michael Jordan is amazing.

Last week, we were at a park.  A little kid came up to us and said, “I am cute and popular”.  I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I stood their dumbfounded by this 5 year olds confidence (I didn’t know “popular” was a thing in preschool???).  HJ looks at him, crosses his arms, and says, “Yeah, well I’m Michael Jordan.”

HJ for the win.

You can also no longer call something “orange”, it is now “basketball orange”.

This past weekend, my nephew received a basketball hoop for his birthday.  Hj learned he could shoot.  The basket was lowered and he had a smaller ball, but he could throw it under handed and make it.  He loved it.  This week, his papa found him his own little basketball. He has been practicing his dribbling and is getting decent-ish.  He even took a nap with the ball.

I asked him what he wanted to do the other night and he responded with “play basketball”.  Of course.  The sorority I advise has a basketball hoop that is lowered to his height, so we hopped on the bike and made our way there.


After a few minutes, some of the girls came out to play.  He taught them all to shoot.



He would pass one the ball, show her the form.  If she missed, he would tell her to try again.  He loved the attention.  And he even learned he could slam dunk (with a little help).



2 Thoughts on “Basketball Orange

  1. Cute! We need to get our kids together for a play date!

  2. That is so cute! LOVE his park response! 🙂
    It’s so fun watching them develop their interests and likes. Kaydin has always been really into swimming, dancing, and gymnastics. and she’s OBSESSED with stuffed animals! She’s got like 50 of them (prob more!) and they’re always covering her bed and floor while she sleeps and they all have their own unique name

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