Moving on isn’t as easy, and it doesn’t happen all at once, but when your finally ready, selling your old engagement ring is a great way to financially and emotionally shut the door on your divorce.

Often times, the last thing that is left after a divorce is the ring. It doesn’t matter if the divorce was contentious or mutual, what to do with the unneeded ring presents an interesting challenge both emotionally and financially. Although diamonds are an asset, just like cars and houses, they have so much emotion tied up in them it’s hard to not view them as more than just dollars and cents.

The key to making a good decision about what to do with an unneeded diamond ring is to accept the emotional ties that go along with the ring, and do what will make you the happiest. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend throwing it off a bridge, but giving it to a child to use for their wedding is an option that can flip bad memories into good ones in a heartbeat.

The most common option of what to do with an old diamond ring is to sell it. There are a lot of ways to sell your ring, including craigslist, ebay, and pawn shops; but a new trend has emerged with companies that buy diamond rings online such as The Diamond Lining. This allows you to safely access the best prices for your ring without the uncertainty of having to venture into pawn shops or meet strangers at coffee shops. The cash that you receive for your ring can help you seed a retirement fun or college saving fund, of perhaps take a much needed vacation.

Financially selling a ring is often the last step in the divorce process, and emotionally it can be a hurdle as well, but there is no time like the present to finally take the last step.

*This post is sponsored by The Diamond Lining.

3 Thoughts on “Closure: Selling The Ring

  1. This is a pretty neat company. I will def. recommend this to one of my friends that is going through this!

    • on June 24, 2013 at 1:55 pm said:

      It is a great idea! My neighbor was asking questions about it too. So many people go through this!

  2. Yes I agree it is a good idea to sell out the old ring, and leave all the emotions behind, which are attached with it. It is very hard to throw a real diamond ring of a bridge, but it is wise to sell it out, for the financial and emotional support. Nothing is much precious than the peace of mind and nothing is harder than a diamond, it is impossible to break a diamond ring like we do with the other things when we are angry. So it is better to sell it and forget it forever. I am happy because there are some sources like this website, to help the people in such cases.

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