How’s that for a title?  And yes, somehow in my wild and crazy world, the 2 collided.

Last Friday, I went on a field trip with HJ’s daycare (no, we didn’t go to a strip club).  I was in a car with a dad (the driver), and 4 boys (ages 6, 8, 10, 12).  HJ insisted on riding in the other car.  Without me.  Tear.

On our way home from a long day of adventures, we were driving down a rode.  Out the window, I noticed we were about to pass a strip club.  One that had a large sign proclaiming “NUDE Showgirls” and a classy picture of a women’s silhouette hanging upside down on a pole.

I held my breath hoping no one else noticed it.  Fat chance, huh?

One of the younger boys says, “What was that girl doing to that pole?”

The 8 year old says, “What’s a showgirl and what was that other word?”

The 10 year old says, “It started with an “N” I think.”

The dad and I say we didn’t see anything and try to avoid this conversation.

The oldest boy pipes up, “It said nude.  Nude showgirls.”

The dad says, “Nah, I think it said nerd, it must be that new computer place.”

I agree with the dad and try to drop it.

Older boys start shouting, “It said NUDE!  N-U-D-E.  We can read!  What does nude showgirls mean?”

By this point all the boys are shouting, “Yeah!  What’s a nude showgirl!!!  NUDE SHOWGIRLS!!”

I read quite a few books on parenting, but not one EVER mentioned this subject.  And not only that, but these aren’t MY kids, so I can’t handle it how I would with my own.  I thought about saying, “ask your parents”, but then figured they would all think it was something naughty and be sure to ask.  Without saying to ask their parents, maybe they would just forget it.  While I am racking my brain on what to say and how to handle this, driving dad comes to the rescue with, “Hey, I like this song!” and turns the radio loud enough to mask the boys questions.  Then the debate turned to Mackelmore, and all was forgotten.

2 Thoughts on “Kids and Strip Clubs

  1. Hahahaha!! At least they had short attention spans!

  2. I laughed out loud. Those darn older kids.

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