See that?  That is what started it all.  I was playing in the driveway with HJ one night, while the college neighbors across the street were moving out for the summer.  I noticed a girl carry that out to the curb and set it down.  I jumped to attention.  I have been on the look out for an inexpensive headboard for HJ (that is actually the foot-board pictured above, but at the time I thought it was just a 1 piece thing).

I walked across the street and asked if she was getting rid of her bed, she told me that she was,  and to help myself.  For free.  I offered to pay her, but she said no.  She then proceeded to bring out the whole bed, which included a frame, foot-board and headboard.  Then her roommate came out and they helped me carry it across the street to my garage.  And then HJ insisted they come inside and he gave them a house tour.  Including, opening his dresser drawers.  He wanted to show them where his new bed would reside.

I decided to stain the bed a dark cherry to match the dresser in his room.  Here is a picture of the headboard before I got after it:


I sanded all the pieces down, and then started the staining process.  I smoothed the stain on with a cloth, and then wiped it off with another cloth.  I would let the stain dry for a while, and then start the next coat.  Eventually, I got the color I desired and I topped it with a clear sealer to help prevent dings and scratches.

Then, it was time to bring the bed into the house.  I attempted putting the pieces together on my own.  After some frustrations upon realizing I am not actually super-mom, I called in a neighbor for reinforcements.  But, we got it figured out with only one scratch, and some not so pretty vocabulary.

The finished product looks cute, and considering I spent about $15 on supplies, I would say it is a pretty good deal!


Here is a closer look at the foot-board:

IMG_4063See how close it matches the dresser?

And the headboard:


HJ was excited to put his books on the shelf.


And a full view of the room:


What do you think?

Did any of you notice that HJ’s cute truck bedding seems to have disappeared?

Dog shaming.  That dog ate it.  He ate HJ’s bedding.  I was sooo pissed.  Ty has also consumed a number of pillows, a shoe and a couch.  That’s right, a flippin’ couch.  He has outgrown everything but the shredding of sheets and comforters, ugh!


6 Thoughts on “Curbside Find: Bed Revamp

  1. Nice work mama! Love it!

  2. Love it!!! You rock girl!

  3. Nice job! Free furniture is better to me than a new pair of pumps…

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