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Living in Iowa, summer means a lot of little changes for my little family.  In the summer, I roll down my car windows and listen to country music (I despise country music in the winter).  I sit outside on the deck with a cold glass of lemonade.  I swap out my winter shoes for sandals and paint my toes.  Best of all, my little town comes alive with numerous outdoor activities and events and I love attending as many as I can.

When we attend these events, I love getting dressed up in clothing that has been packed away all winter.  Using Tide®, Downy® and Bounce® helps my clothes to stay brighter, longer.

That way, when I take little HJ to the pool, his swimsuit doesn’t suffer as much chlorine damage.  And his cute little blow fishes will stay bright all summer long.


There are lots of evening activities like  Movies Under the Moon (a local park sets out a large screen to watch kid movies) and Live to Nine (an event for Friday after work with live music) and of course, hanging out and grilling with friends.


HJ and I also like to take the bike to local parks to play and ride on the trails.


I would love to spend a Sunday morning, having brunch and soaking up the warm summer mornings.


Looks like I need to create a summer bucket list, huh?

Of course, all this running around and playing just adds to the laundry pile!  Luckily, this summer our clothes will be staying newer looking longer.



This post is sponsored by P&G.  With Tide®, Downy® and Bounce®, you can keep your summer fashions looking new up to 50% longer.* Text CLEAN to TARGET (827438) for mobile coupons.  *vs. leading value detergent alone


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