This past winter, the ground was completely frozen, and we got a HUGE rainstorm.  It rained for about 2 days.  For those of you that don’t live in places where it gets that cold…if the ground is frozen and you get lots of rain, there is nowhere for all the water to go.  Which led to my backyard flooding.  More specifically, the sandbox.index

See it in that picture up there?

When spring finally came around a few weeks ago, I was hesitant to let HJ play in the sandbox.  It hadn’t been covered properly, and I am terrified of bugs.

About the same time, I was pinning things on making a raised bed vegetable garden.  This pin led me to believe I could build one.  I started thinking about where I would put it, and decided next to the sandbox would be a good spot.  But ideally, the sandbox is in the corner of the yard, so that would be the best spot.

Then it hit me…the sandbox is already a raised garden bed.  BAM!  I went to a local garden store and told the guy my plan.  He helped me figure out what I needed to do and we loaded the car with 2 bags of burr compost, a bag of cow manure, and 5 bags of top soil.

The sandbox is a 5×5 space.  Last summer, I had put down a weed barrier under the sand.  I had to move the frame a bit and shovel around some of the left over sand, but it was fairly easy to tear up the old weed barrier (HJ helped).  Once that was removed, I poured in the dirt/compost/manure and mixed it all up with a shovel.  Then I ignored it for another week, because we had a late frost last weekend.

This past weekend, my mom and I went to get some vegetables to fit the 5×5 space (I didn’t want to overcrowd it, and I am scared of killing everything.  The veggies we are attempting to grow are: cherry tomato, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas.

The tomato plant is in a cute garden cage, and I have stakes for when the sugar snap peas start growing tall.  We installed a “rabbit guard fence” to…keep rabbits out and then put a few bags of mulch around it.  The mulch is supposed to help prevent weeds, bugs and rodents from attacking my yummy veggies.  And it “pretty-s” it up.  So here is our once flooded sandbox turned veggie garden:

IMG_4032 IMG_4031 IMG_4030

HJ had fun digging in the dirt and planting the seeds.  Hopefully he will be patient enough to wait for some veggies to start sprouting!

Any gardening advice for this first-timer?


4 Thoughts on “Our Vegetable Garden

  1. Sherri on May 30, 2013 at 4:49 am said:

    Sorry I don’t have any tips, but I like what you did with the sandbox. Great idea, excited to see how it all works out!

  2. Try Basil! It is easy and fast growing and you can make Pesto…. yum!

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