“Damn-it.”  I heard HJ throw out that word the other night.  “excuse me bud, what did you say?”  “Damn-it”, he said again.  I told him he shouldn’t say that word, it’s not a nice thing to say.  His response, “But I really hurt myself, so I needed to say it.”  Can’t argue with logic (don’t worry, I did tell him not to say it, but he had a valid point).

On Wednesday night, I picked HJ up as we were getting ready to leave a restaurant.  As I picked him up, I felt a weird “pop” in my back and instantly was in pain.  I hurried to the car, buckled HJ in, and attempted to drive home.  My back was in so much pain, I couldn’t stop crying.  I called my mom to have her meet me at my house.  I knew something was wrong.  I spent the entire night in awful pain.  I couldn’t walk.  To get back to my room, I had to crawl.  Honestly, it hurt waaay more than labor.  The next morning, my mom drove me to the doctor (there is no way I could drive), and I got some pain meds and a chiropractor referral.  I can not lift HJ for quite a while and working out is out of the question.  Today, I am able to walk, but still in pain.  Hopefully I have a fast recovery!

I realized I never shared pictures from our trip to Kansas.  Mostly because, have you ever tried taking a picture of 2 3-year-olds and a 1-year-old?  It’s not easy.  Here is what I was able to get…

309949_10151686992300769_962247827_n481860_10151686992215769_1587578398_n  941798_10151696253430769_560397940_n941827_10151696253420769_593174282_n13524_10151686992205769_947752497_n

You may recognize those sweet little kiddos from my post on Amazing Alex.

This week, I saw this cute picture on pinterest:

Love Wall Art yellow

When I clicked on it, not only did I discover it is in various colors, but it is a FREE printable!  Check it out.

Next week, I am going to be featured on an amazing site.  When I filled out the information to possibly be featured, I figured there was no way I had a shot.  When I received an email saying I had been selected, I became quite worried about how I haphazardly filled out the info (consider that my lesson learned).  Eeks, hope it all comes out okay (I am so excited to share it with you all!)

Have you entered the Verseo giveaway?  The winner will be picked on Monday!

Have a fabulous holiday weekend!



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  1. Oh NO! Get well soon. Hope you feel better and have a fast recovery. I accidently cut my hand the other day when slicing an avocado and it kills! I didn’t realize how dependant I am on both hands it’s so difficult to do basically anything.

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