“Mom, can you not play with my sunglasses?  It’s not a toy.”

I live in a neighborhood with lots of college students.  The past week, one of my neighbors was moving out and tossed a twin bed (headboard, foot-board) on the curb.  HJ and I quickly claimed it for my first “curb-side makeover”.

The ex bf and I had a long conversation about what would need to change if we got back together.  On Mother’s Day, he surprised me with a card (from HJ).  This was my first Mother’s Day card from my son.  It kind-of melted my heart and confused my head.  He really wants to change, so he says.

Remember how I have the opposite of a Green Thumb?  Apparently, I think I will do better this year.  HJ and I purchased 2 large plants to sit outside, and a small one for the living room and one for his room.  Fingers crossed I can at least keep one of them alive for the summer.

The other morning HJ was laying in my bed, and I said, “HJ, you didn’t do very well sleeping in your bed last night.  You snuck into mommy’s bed pretty early.”  His response, laughing and saying “What are you gonna do about it?”  In my defense, I am not always a total pushover.  I told him I was taking a toy and he would have to earn it back by sleeping all night in his bed.  This was followed by tears, a sniffle and then, “wait, what toy?”.

I get my Stitch Fix this weekend, can’t wait.  I will take pics so you can see what they send.

I have been scheduling a few more “sponsored” posts.  However, you may also have noticed, I am now posting 3 times a week instead of 2!  Since I have been unable to find a job with better pay, I am trying to earn a little more cash.  I figured by adding more weekly posts, I could do this while still sharing the same amount (if not more) with all of you!

Guess what?  Someone won a Qdoba Rewards card with a free meal pre-loaded on it from my Qdoba House Party.  The winner is: Mollie!  Mollie, email your mailing address to me at sliceofmudpie@gmail.com, and I will mail out your card!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. Can’t wait to hear what you are going to do with that bed! 🙂 Message me on FB…I have a question for you.

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