As a child, I remember waking up on Mother’s Day and trying to make my mom breakfast.  I am sure I served under cooked eggs and cold toast…and then left the dishes for her to clean up.  I think Mother’s Days are really up to the spouses to get a beautiful and well-thought out gift, so here is my “If Single Moms Got Mother’s Day Gifts” wish  list.

Spa DayA day of relaxation and pampering, glorious.

A Tree– I know, seems strange.  But I have no trees in my yard.  I would also need someone to plant this tree.  And perhaps water it.  HJ gets so excited over seeing squirrels, and would probably flip out if he saw one in his own yard.

A Cabinet– HJ’s bathroom has this little nook that would be perfect for a cabinet.  I have it pictured perfectly in my mind as a counter height cabinet in cherry (with 2 doors).  Then above the cabinet would be 2-3 shelves (also in cherry).  It would add storage and look oh so pretty.


See the little spot where the stool is?  That’s where!

Netflix– A lot of my Friday and Saturday nights are spent lounging on the couch after HJ goes to bed.  This would be a great time to watch movies, but instead I usually end up watching Duck Dynasty marathons.

Quilt– I carefully packed away a box of HJ’s baby clothes that were special.  My purpose was to find someone who could make a cute quilt.  I have found the people (thank you etsy!), but have never had a time where I was able to afford the quilt.  I would love to be able to preserve his precious little outfits!

And if I can dream big…

Mother’s Ring


But with HJ’s November pretty is that?

And still dreaming big:

Disney World– I still want to take HJ to Disney World or on a Disney Cruise

More realistic than Disney…

Omaha– A 2 night getaway to go check out the zoo with my favorite guy.


3 Thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide (for me)

  1. Great list! 🙂

  2. I love this list! I want many of those things, too. We use to have a beautiful big tree in my backyard but my landlord recently cut it down
    🙁 I’m trying to save up for a trip to disney, too. I’m trying to aim for Emma’s 5th or 6th birthday

  3. P.S.- I hope you have a very special mothers day! xoxo

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