Today, I am linking up with Domestic Mama for a monthly link-up.  The last Friday of the month, I will answer a list of questions about my “favorites”, because we all know those change month to month :).

1. What’s your must watch, can’t live without television show at the moment?

Honestly, I don’t have a “show”.  I use to, but HJ goes to bed at 9pm and the tv is usually off (sometimes there is a movie on).  Once he goes to bed, I clean and/or read and get things ready for the morning rush.  The tv is on from 6:30am-7:15am, where there is an episode of Chugginton and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing.  I haven’t watched the news in years.  I am so uninformed.

2. What’s that one thing you have been craving lately?
Summertime means glasses of lemonade.  I don’t know why I don’t drink it all year round, but I don’t.  Lemonade=Summer.
3. What pair of shoes are you completely head over heels in love with right now?
Women's Merona® Edda Zip Back Low Wedge Sandal - Coral
You guys, these are from Target.  They are cheap.  I have no excuse for why they aren’t in my closet.
If I were really dreaming, I would be going for this…
Love.  And the price tag is right, huh?  Also, ever since pinning this, my facebook keeps giving ads for Jimmy Choos…not gonna happen.
4. Which 2 bloggers are you crushing on this month?
I came across her blog when I was trying to decide how to switch blog names.  She said how easy and pain-free the whole process was, which gave me the motivation to do it.  After coming across her on my “switching blog name” search, I instantly liked her and became a follower.
This lovely lady has such a cute page.  Plus, her posts are quick easy reads (I get bored and quickly become a scanner on long posts).  On top of that, I have known her for her entire life (yeah, she is younger than me).
5. What tune got stuck in your head and you just can’t get enough?
“Cups” by Anna Kendrick, I sing loud when it comes on in the car.
6.  Apps? What app has you all excited?
I understand that this is not new.  In fact, I am wayy behind on this.  But let’s face it, I am always behind the technology curve.
I know, I know.
I have had it for a while, but finally started using it.  And now I say things like, “I am going to instagram the shit out of that.”  Like I am 15.  Ugh, I hate myself for it.
But here, follow me, so I can follow you, it is fun to picture stalk people.
7. What is that one accessory that you’ve been taking everywhere?
My glasses.  My allergies have been making contacts hard to wear.
8. Where’s that one place you and your friends have been feeling right at home?
The driveway (which is technically still home, but sometimes it’s my neighbor’s driveway).  With the nicer weather, HJ and his buds have been outside riding bikes, driving their cozy coups and coloring the driveway.
9. What book has you hiding under the covers with a torch at night because you just can’t put it down?
My current read is The Happiness Project.
To be honest, it is kind-of making me feel like a failure.  And a bitch. But everyone else raves about it, so I am trying to see it in the way they all are.  I am ready for a library trip, suggestions welcome.
10. What’s your favourite word, you know that one you use in every sentence because it just sounds so good to you?
Flabbergasted.   It’s just a fun word.
11. What fashion item did you have to have?
Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans.  They aren’t even that cute on the mannequin.   But they are sooo comfy, and they aren’t low-rise, which means I can bend down and play with my child without having my bum exposed to the world.  They also aren’t tight, which just adds to the comfort level.  My god, I think I bought mom jeans.
12. What’s that thing that has really been grinding on your nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard?
Spam comments.  Ever since I switched servers, I have had a ridiculous amounts of spam comments.  It is driving me up a wall trying to find and delete them all.

This past winter, the ground was completely frozen, and we got a HUGE rainstorm.  It rained for about 2 days.  For those of you that don’t live in places where it gets that cold…if the ground is frozen and you get lots of rain, there is nowhere for all the water to go.  Which led to my backyard flooding.  More specifically, the sandbox.index

See it in that picture up there?

When spring finally came around a few weeks ago, I was hesitant to let HJ play in the sandbox.  It hadn’t been covered properly, and I am terrified of bugs.

About the same time, I was pinning things on making a raised bed vegetable garden.  This pin led me to believe I could build one.  I started thinking about where I would put it, and decided next to the sandbox would be a good spot.  But ideally, the sandbox is in the corner of the yard, so that would be the best spot.

Then it hit me…the sandbox is already a raised garden bed.  BAM!  I went to a local garden store and told the guy my plan.  He helped me figure out what I needed to do and we loaded the car with 2 bags of burr compost, a bag of cow manure, and 5 bags of top soil.

The sandbox is a 5×5 space.  Last summer, I had put down a weed barrier under the sand.  I had to move the frame a bit and shovel around some of the left over sand, but it was fairly easy to tear up the old weed barrier (HJ helped).  Once that was removed, I poured in the dirt/compost/manure and mixed it all up with a shovel.  Then I ignored it for another week, because we had a late frost last weekend.

This past weekend, my mom and I went to get some vegetables to fit the 5×5 space (I didn’t want to overcrowd it, and I am scared of killing everything.  The veggies we are attempting to grow are: cherry tomato, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas.

The tomato plant is in a cute garden cage, and I have stakes for when the sugar snap peas start growing tall.  We installed a “rabbit guard fence” to…keep rabbits out and then put a few bags of mulch around it.  The mulch is supposed to help prevent weeds, bugs and rodents from attacking my yummy veggies.  And it “pretty-s” it up.  So here is our once flooded sandbox turned veggie garden:

IMG_4032 IMG_4031 IMG_4030

HJ had fun digging in the dirt and planting the seeds.  Hopefully he will be patient enough to wait for some veggies to start sprouting!

Any gardening advice for this first-timer?



Have you guys ever checked out Elizabeth Street?  It is a fabulous site that I look at regularly.  It gives advice on fashion and style, and even talks about places to try while travelling.  They have a feature called Street Style, they  interview moms across the country about their fashion choices.  It is a feature I regularly look at with envy, because the moms always seem so put together.  So you can imagine my surprise when they asked to feature me as a Street Style Mom.  Awesome, huh?  Check out my feature here:

Elizabeth Street: Street Style Moms

I would love to hear what you think 🙂

I hope you are all enjoying a great Memorial Day!

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“Damn-it.”  I heard HJ throw out that word the other night.  “excuse me bud, what did you say?”  “Damn-it”, he said again.  I told him he shouldn’t say that word, it’s not a nice thing to say.  His response, “But I really hurt myself, so I needed to say it.”  Can’t argue with logic (don’t worry, I did tell him not to say it, but he had a valid point).

On Wednesday night, I picked HJ up as we were getting ready to leave a restaurant.  As I picked him up, I felt a weird “pop” in my back and instantly was in pain.  I hurried to the car, buckled HJ in, and attempted to drive home.  My back was in so much pain, I couldn’t stop crying.  I called my mom to have her meet me at my house.  I knew something was wrong.  I spent the entire night in awful pain.  I couldn’t walk.  To get back to my room, I had to crawl.  Honestly, it hurt waaay more than labor.  The next morning, my mom drove me to the doctor (there is no way I could drive), and I got some pain meds and a chiropractor referral.  I can not lift HJ for quite a while and working out is out of the question.  Today, I am able to walk, but still in pain.  Hopefully I have a fast recovery!

I realized I never shared pictures from our trip to Kansas.  Mostly because, have you ever tried taking a picture of 2 3-year-olds and a 1-year-old?  It’s not easy.  Here is what I was able to get…

309949_10151686992300769_962247827_n481860_10151686992215769_1587578398_n  941798_10151696253430769_560397940_n941827_10151696253420769_593174282_n13524_10151686992205769_947752497_n

You may recognize those sweet little kiddos from my post on Amazing Alex.

This week, I saw this cute picture on pinterest:

Love Wall Art yellow

When I clicked on it, not only did I discover it is in various colors, but it is a FREE printable!  Check it out.

Next week, I am going to be featured on an amazing site.  When I filled out the information to possibly be featured, I figured there was no way I had a shot.  When I received an email saying I had been selected, I became quite worried about how I haphazardly filled out the info (consider that my lesson learned).  Eeks, hope it all comes out okay (I am so excited to share it with you all!)

Have you entered the Verseo giveaway?  The winner will be picked on Monday!

Have a fabulous holiday weekend!



Wow, it has been a while since I last updated you all on where things stand with Child Support.  And no, I am not staying quiet on it for a change, it’s just that not much has changed.

When I last updated you, I had “heard” that HJ’s father sperm donor was going to request an order for modification.  About a month ago, I finally received a notification from Child Support Recovery that a request for modification was entered.  In the packet, it included all the forms I needed to fill out so they can set an amount.

This includes: pay-stubs, insurance amounts, daycare receipts, etc.  Apparently all of this is taken into consideration, you know, if the other person was actually working.  Side note: Not going to lie here, I actually figured out that I would be able to have the same life-style if I had no job and collected government benefits(because I wouldn’t pay for daycare and the state would provide insurance among other things), no wonder people find it hard to get out of the system.  That really ticked me off.

If you do not fill out the forms, they base it on the state average amount.  It doesn’t say this, however, I know this, because when we first had this done, daddy dearest was making good money.  He didn’t turn in the forms and his amount was set on the average income of all other deadbeats.  Yup, not the average salary in the state, the average for people that aren’t willingly paying child support.  The average salary was set at $18,000 for him.

However, $18,000 is significantly more than what he is making now.  Because now, his fiance and him have decided he would be a stay at home parent for their 2 daughters.

Because of that fact, I called the child support office to voice my concern.  My case worker told me that since his income will show as $0, the support amount will be $10/month.  When I receive the paperwork with that amount, I can dispute it.  This will take an additional 60 days.  The case will be reviewed.  The review will show that he still isn’t making any money, and the amount will again be set at $10.  I can then dispute it again, and it will go to court.  Which we all know how fast the court system works…

So, we will have to go to court.  This presents a few problems:

1. It’s expensive

2. Neither of us live in the city our case was established in (granted, I can drive there, but he would have to fly)

3. To go to court, I feel it is best to have a lawyer

Those 3 things led to me meeting with a lawyer.  Luckily, he is just going to be a pretty face in court and I will only have to pay him for that part (thank God for friends).  I met with him, and he said once I receive a letter showing the “new amount”, he will ask to have my case transferred locally.  The local office handles a lot fewer cases, so it is easier to get things done.  And then I won’t have to travel for the court hearing.  Of course, then the father will know what city we live in.

The lawyer agreed that the amount will be set to $10/month.  But said the court will change that, because $10/month is what people in prison are required to pay.  Yup, people in prison.  Not stay at home dads.  Not people whose families decided they had enough of an income that they no longer had to work.

Unfortunately, the best the court will do is require him to pay what a person making minimum wage would have to pay.   I am hoping that the court will also require a set amount of back-owed support to be paid.  It is currently close to $20,000.  I don’t think it is fair that they will just ignore that amount and hope that the court will agree with me.

Has anyone had to go in front of a judge for child support?  Were you able to get an arrangement on back-owed support?


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Verseo Logo

With summer on the horizon, it’s time to show a little skin.  That usually means making sure to always be ready to jump into a swimsuit and enjoy some fun in the sun.  I have sensitive skin, and shaving can leave to painful razor burn.  So every 6 weeks or so, I subject myself to the always painful and expensive wax.  I have looked into electrolysis, but that can be expensive and time-consuming.   Basically, that means I am totally jealous of who-ever wins this give-away!

Are you ready to Glide into Summer with super smooth skin?  Have you ever heard about Verseo?

Verseo is a New York based company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of quality health and beauty products. Verseo’s motto is simple – Health And Beauty Direct. is their online consumer channel selling their own products as well as a selection of other Health & Beauty related products from other vendors since 1999. Verseo is a family oriented business with everyone pitching in with everything from customer service to shipping out the products from their warehouse.

And guess what?  Verso is hosting a giveaway for my readers!  They are offering a eGlide Electrolysis Hair Removal Roller & RollerCell2 Cellulite Massager.  How awesome is that?  You can have super smooth skin just in time for summer with laser hair removal at home.

Here is a little more info on the products:

  • About eGlide Electrolysis Hair Removal Roller

Verseo eGlide was first introduced to the market a couple of years ago after success with their other hair removal product – Verseo ePen. To use the at home electrolysis, you use the conductive gel (included, special offer includes additional one) in conjunction with the Verseo eGlide and roll over the area you would like to treat. With continued use, the hair follicle is damaged preventing the growth of ongoing hair. Significantly cheaper than laser hair removal and less painful than waxing – eGlide is the easiest way for permanent hair removal and best of all, it is from the comfort of your home. This home electrolysis roller can eliminate the need for painful waxing and/or shaving!  (Cost $89.95)

Verseo eGlide Hair Removal Roller

Verseo’s RollerCell2 is a best-selling Endermologie system that you can use at home. It basically takes the same functionality of a salon Endermologie tool and turns it into a portable device. The system comes with Cellulite-Reducing Gel that you smooth over your skin so that you can easily glide the RollerCell2 over the skin. The rollers, suctions and heating mechanisms then work on the skin to distribute the underlying fat cells into a smoother surface. The Verseo RollerCell2 can be purchased for under $60, which is usually less than even ONE Endermologie salon treatment.

 The RollerCell2 has been featured on TheDoctors TV show as a true alternative for cellulite reduction. With work schedules, most of our free time is left to nighttime when salons are not open. The treatments can be done at home whenever it is convenient and appropriate for each individual.Verseo RollerCell2 Cellulite Massager

While only 1 of you can win the eGlide Electrolysis Hair Removal Roller & RollerCell2 Cellulite Massager, all of you can take advantage of a great offer:

Purchase Verseo eGlide today for $89.95 and you’ll receive an Extra Free Conductive Gel ($19.95 value) & free US Standard Shipping – Special Offer is available HERE!

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“Mom, can you not play with my sunglasses?  It’s not a toy.”

I live in a neighborhood with lots of college students.  The past week, one of my neighbors was moving out and tossed a twin bed (headboard, foot-board) on the curb.  HJ and I quickly claimed it for my first “curb-side makeover”.

The ex bf and I had a long conversation about what would need to change if we got back together.  On Mother’s Day, he surprised me with a card (from HJ).  This was my first Mother’s Day card from my son.  It kind-of melted my heart and confused my head.  He really wants to change, so he says.

Remember how I have the opposite of a Green Thumb?  Apparently, I think I will do better this year.  HJ and I purchased 2 large plants to sit outside, and a small one for the living room and one for his room.  Fingers crossed I can at least keep one of them alive for the summer.

The other morning HJ was laying in my bed, and I said, “HJ, you didn’t do very well sleeping in your bed last night.  You snuck into mommy’s bed pretty early.”  His response, laughing and saying “What are you gonna do about it?”  In my defense, I am not always a total pushover.  I told him I was taking a toy and he would have to earn it back by sleeping all night in his bed.  This was followed by tears, a sniffle and then, “wait, what toy?”.

I get my Stitch Fix this weekend, can’t wait.  I will take pics so you can see what they send.

I have been scheduling a few more “sponsored” posts.  However, you may also have noticed, I am now posting 3 times a week instead of 2!  Since I have been unable to find a job with better pay, I am trying to earn a little more cash.  I figured by adding more weekly posts, I could do this while still sharing the same amount (if not more) with all of you!

Guess what?  Someone won a Qdoba Rewards card with a free meal pre-loaded on it from my Qdoba House Party.  The winner is: Mollie!  Mollie, email your mailing address to me at, and I will mail out your card!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Match_logo_vector (3)

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Stir Events,, they are holding a contest. And someone (hopefully one of my lovely, single readers) is going to win the chance to help create their own Singles Event.  What are Stir Events?  Stir Events are events by that are an answer to offline events, a way for you to meet the singles in person and not just chat on-line.

I know a lot of us have tried online dating, and while yes, it can be fun, wouldn’t it be more exciting to attend an event where everyone there is single?  Where you aren’t worried about giving the look to someone who is married?  Where you know that their profile picture isn’t 8 years and 60 pounds outdated?

Over the past year, the Stir Events has expanded, and they have been holding awesome events all across the country. From a Wine and Chocolate Pairing Party to a Midnight Snow Tubing Event has been bringing singles together.  In just one year, Stir has hosted over 2,850 events, with over 225,000 singles attending these events to date!

In celebration of Stir Event’s Anniversary, they are offering the opportunity for singles to create their own Stir Event.  If your event is chosen, you will get to work with Match Stir event planners and bring the event to your city.  On top of that, you and ten of your single friends will get to attend the event for free.  And there’s more…the winner will also receive a 6-month subscription.

Get the event planner side of you going and start planning a super fun event in your city.  Then, visit’s “What Stirs You?” Contest Page at , now through Tuesday May 28th, 2013 and tell what you think would make for the perfect singles event to be entered to win. Entries will be judged based on quality, creativity, uniqueness and geographical relevance.

Happy Monday!

On Friday night, I had a party at my house.  And not just any party, it was a Qdoba catered House Party.    Qdoba supplied us with a Naked Burrito Bar for 20, and I got to invite my friends over.  HJ, my mom and myself helped get the house all ready on Friday.  I mixed drinks in the kitchen and set the house up.

I had margaritas and sangria ready for the guests with recipes found on pinterest.  The white sangria was pretty tasty.  The red sangria was a bit strong for my liking, but some people must have enjoyed it because the pitcher was almost empty!

I went to Qdoba to pick up the food, and came home to get it set up.  Of course, HJ helped (he loves parties).

While setting out the food, I noticed that we were only sent 6 cookies.  I quickly called the store, and the manager offered to deliver them herself!  I thought this was extremely sweet of her.  However, after all that, she only delivered 9 cookies, so we were still a few short (no big deal, we shared, and they were fabulous).

The food included dishes of chicken, steak, rice and beans.

And lots and lots of toppings like salsa, guacamole, cheese and a whole boatload of chips.


There were also rewards cards for the guests that are pre-loaded with a free meal, yum!!

Then the guests arrived.  It was the perfect evening to be running in and out of the house, and all the kids took full advantage of it.

Oh, and there were sombreros.

Everyone enjoyed the food.  Qdoba is fairly new in our town, so most of the party-goers have never even tried it out.I think it’s safe to say many will be going there now!

The food was fabulous, and I even had left-overs!The kids loved having chips and salsa, and ran around all night.

I have no clue why they wanted to pull their shirts up.  Boys are weird.

The party lasted until well past bedtime, and everyone seemed to have a blast.

And guess what?  I have one reward card left over.  It is pre-loaded with a meal (just has to be activated), and I want to give it to one of my lovely readers.  To win the Qdoba card, just leave a comment.  You must follow me via email or bloglovin‘.  The winner will be picked on Friday morning!  Good luck!


I have discovered I have lots to tell you, but in short snippets that wouldn’t qualify as an entire post.  So welcome to Friday Ramblings!

You know what is super fun about this Friday?  I am having a party at my house.  I love hosting parties.  I won a House Party from Qdoba, and we are having a Mexican Fiesta (yup, like cinco de mayo but a week late).  We are having yummy food and sangria.  Just hoping the weather cooperates so we can be in and out of the house.

A few weeks back, HJ had surgery to have the tubes removed from his ears.  The tubes had turned and were blocking fluid in his ear, ow.  This is how excited he was before the surgery:

IMG_3964 IMG_3963

He brought his blue tow mater with him, and was chatting about what the doc was going to do.  I walked with him and the nurse to the surgery room door and said goodbye.  He didn’t seem to care.  Never mentioned being scared.  He was brave.  The next night, he came running in my room in tears and said, “the nurse came in and put the thing over my mouth and I couldn’t talk!”.  Apparently he had been scared after I left him, and it broke my heart.

I am in the process of getting a veggie garden going (don’t worry, I will post on it).  I hope we can actually grow something, I am notorious for killing plants.

The other day, HJ started screaming from his room.  There were literally hundreds of red speck like ants crawling all over his window.  They were also in the room next to his.  Ew. Ew. Ew.  I sprayed the rooms with bug stuff (inside and out), but I really hope we don’t have a bug problem!  Ew.

I love Stitch Fix.  It is a company that sends a box of 5 clothing items to my house once a month.  Each item comes with a tag showing me how to wear it.  I try the items on, and mail back the ones I don’t like.  I only get charged for the items I do like.  I filled out a profile section, and my stylist was pretty spot on with my first fix.  The only bad part?  I had to be on a wait-list for 3 weeks, ugh.  Check it out!

Harrison has started saying “Oh baby!” and dancing around.  I am not sure where this came from at all, but I laugh every time.

I have had instagram for quite a while, but have just started “using” it.  Only problem is, I don’t know who is on it!  Let me know if you are, here is where you can find me.

Don’t forget you can follow me on bloglovin’!

Happy weekend everyone!