We have been having lots of snow storms in Iowa.  Friday, HJ and I hit up a local sledding hill and went down the hill a few times before SOMEONE declared themselves cold.  And then I had to pull the sled with toddler in tow for a 10 minute walk.

That night, I decided to bring the snow inside.  I filled up a tupperware container and laid out some toys.


Then HJ put on some mittens and a hat (not sure why he picked the hat, but he did).


IMG_3692 IMG_3693

He dug the snow, buried toys, and followed the rule that “the snow has to stay in the container”.  This fun little activity kept him occupied for over an hour.  I was able to clean the kitchen and play at the same time :).  Clean up was also easy, I just took the toys back to the toy room and dumped the snow in the yard.


2 Thoughts on “Playing with Snow

  1. Sherri on March 14, 2013 at 12:44 pm said:

    What a really cute idea!

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