It’s time for another round of “Make Me Pretty”!  This month, Vicki from Domestic Mamma picked a smoky eye tutorial.  I have always wanted to master a sultry, smoky eye, so I was excited to give it a shot.


Click here to watch the tutorial!

Here are the supplies I used for the smoky eye:

I used an eye shadow base (similar to skin tone), a dark smoky shadow, black eye liner, a pink shimmery shadow, a high light color and mascara.

I started by applying an eye shadow base onto the eyelid.


OMG I hate taking self portraits…especially with my eyes closed!

Next, I packed the dark smoky shadow onto the brush and applied to the eyelid.  During this, I made sure to “press” the shadow on to avoid have specks of shadow all over my cheek (learned that the hard way).  Then I blended it out to the crease of my eyelid.


Next, I applied black eyeliner along the top lash line and all along the bottom water line.


Then, I applied a pink shimmer on the outer corner and blended that in.  Next, it was time to high light along the brow bone.


I then applied the smoky shadow under my eye, and applied mascara.


Here is the before and after:

IMG_3663 IMG_3681

While the smoky eye might be something I will try again for special occasions, it is a little much for me to wear too often.  I was also paranoid all night that it was going to start smudgeing all over my face (it didn’t).  Also, HJ asked why I painted my eyes.  I can’t imagine that  means I looked awesome.

And yes, I did eventually do my hair for a night out on the town.


This picture makes me realize it’s time to get my hair thinned out, yikes!

Want to join in on the Make Me Pretty Experiment?  Link up at Domestic Mamma!

2 Thoughts on “Make Me Pretty, Round 2

  1. Looks awesome to me!

  2. I love a smokey eye and this one is perfect. Nice tutorial and pictures!

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