HJ, like most kids, loves to learn.  Lately, we have been playing games, singing the abc’s and counting everything in sight.  We have also gone on local field trips to learn about all sorts of things.

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The other day, I decided to teach him about emergencies and what to do.  I let him know that if I was ever unable to help him, he could use my phone to call 9-1-1.  I had him repeat the number and showed him the phone.  He seemed to be getting it and was repeating “9-1-1”.

I told him to ONLY call that number in an emergency.  (I distinctly remember getting in trouble for calling that number as a kid.  I was shocked that they called my house back and asked for my mom, eeks!)

I asked HJ if he knew what an emergency was.  He said, “Like when I am trying to watch a movie and you start vacuuming.”

Crap.  We have a little work to do.


It was one of those times where I discover I may not be the best teacher and there may come a point in his life where I need a little assistance.  When the time comes, I can turn to a service like Varsity Tutors to help find local tutors.

How do you help your child get ahead?

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