Guess what?  It’s pinterest challenge time again!  I know, I know, I frikkin talk about pinterest all the time…but I made something.  And it’s cool.  So stay with me.

Once again, Young House Love and Bower Power are having their Pinterest Challenge and I am playing along.

A while back, I pinned a really cute Lego Table from Meet the Dubiens.

I had purchased the supplies a while back…and then let them sit in my closet for a while.  Like a year.  How’s that for procrastination?

Here are the supplies I used:

  1. IKEA side table in black
  2. Lego Duplo Base Plate
  3. Set of Lego Duplo Gas Station
  4. Super glue
  5. White contact paper

I quickly put the table together and glued the base plate to the middle.  Then, I cut the contact paper into “lanes” for the road (I didn’t worry too much on measuring these, as they will peel off easily when cleaning.  I just plan on replacing them as needed).  Once the lane was in place for the road, it was time to play!

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This only took about a half hour to complete and it was a great birthday gift for HJ!

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Here it is after a bit of wear and tear….


In our house, most lego built things become crash scenes (see the dragon in the background?  He attacks things).


Anyone else take part in the pinterest challenge?

9 Thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition

  1. That is a really cute project. I like the possibilities a lot.

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  8. My son loves Legos! Great project!

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