I have been putting off writing this post for a while because I knew looking at the image would cause nightmares.  I hate spiders that much.

Over Christmas break, my friend and I took our boys to a local children’s museum.  The boys had fun playing and making crafts and the mom’s had fun chatting about Christmas.

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Afterwards, we were walking around the gift shop checking out all the goodies, when I came across this sitting on a shelf…


In a plastic container, with no lid.  Sitting in the gift shop.  Where people buy things to play with.  I asked the worker if it was real…while holding the container.

She explained that tarantulas shed their skin and this was in the tarantulas cage this morning.   She never flinched at the fact I was holding the container. The boys thought it was pretty cool, so I suggested I could hold it so the boys can get a closer look.   (mind you, this terrifies me, but I will do it for the boys!).  I start tipping the container towards my open palm when I hear the gift shop attendant say, “the skin of the tarantula still contains the poison, so don’t touch it.”


I quickly toss the container back onto the shelf.  “why do you have a skin of a spider,  that is poisonous sitting on a shelf where children can get it?”  I say in a tone I hope isn’t too condescending.

“I am guessing the cleaning crew just left it there this morning during their rounds.” she says.  Like it’s no big deal.

Right.  Let me get this straight.  There is a spider skin just sitting in a gift store, where there are all sorts of things for kids to touch and hold.  Where they are ENCOURAGED to touch and hold things.  “And the cleaning crew accidentally leaves something poisonous just sitting out?  That seems safe.”

She must not have liked my tone, and said, “Well, it wouldn’t have killed you, you probably would have just had a rash.”

From a poisonous tarantula.



2 Thoughts on “Itsy, Bitsy, Poisonous Spider

  1. Yikes! Why would they leave something like that sitting out?!? I can sit here and laugh reading it, but I woulda been mad, too, if it was me in the museum!

  2. Well, that is crazy and yucky and scary and gross! People are nuts sometimes…to leave that out where anyone can touch it….gee whiz! Glad you guys were okay. 🙂

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