I can see HJ trying to peer beyond my shoulder as I tuck him in to bed.  I have purposely placed myself so he couldn’t see the fish bowl.  “MOM!” he says in an urgent tone, “What’s wrong with Binky?”

Earlier in the night, I went into HJ’s room to feed the fish.  That’s when I discovered that Binky the Shark had passed away.  We were in a hurry to get out the door, so I didn’t “take care of it”.  The fish was laying on the rocks on the bottom of the bowl.  And HJ has not paid much attention to Binky for the past few months.  So, I figured I would leave it as is, and take care of it once HJ was asleep.  Maybe that way I could get out of telling him about death.

But now, HJ was urgently asking what happened.  I told him, “Oh, Binky must be sleeping.  Just like you should be.”

“On the rocks?  He sleeps on the rocks?”

Dang smart kid.

“Now go to bed honey bear, see you in the morning.”

The next morning, I woke up a few minutes early and ran to grab the fish bowl.  I had just finished cleaning the bowl and setting it on the counter when HJ came stomping into the kitchen.  He looked at the bowl and his eyes started searching the kitchen.

“Where’s Binky?”

Alright, time to come clean.

“Well, Binky passed away.  He is no longer with us.”  I said.

HJ pondered this for a second.  Then asked, “Where did he go?”

BAM!  I know this one!  “Heaven!”

Then came a question I was unprepared for.  “Who took him there?”

Having to quickly think on my feet, I responded with “the fishy angels.”

Apparently HJ knows a little more about death then I gave him credit for.  His face turned into a frown and he looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes.  “I miss Binky!”

“I know hun, but it will be okay.  Binky is in heaven now.”

Not much else was said about it.  He has brought it up to people, but luckily they have responded with the same answers I did.  He has asked for a new one, but I am leaning towards “ew, I absolutely hate cleaning out fish bowls.”

I am lucky this is his first experience with something he loves dying, it seemed like an easy way to introduce the concept.


Time to announce the Hammer & Me giveaway winner! (I had no good transition for dying fish to free necklaces)

I absolutely love the necklace she has offered to one of my readers!

And the winner is…


I will be sending you an email, congrats!


3 Thoughts on “A Lesson on Death

  1. Oh yes, I remember when the boys guinea pig died on Easter of all days. I thought the same thing, at least it was a pet.

  2. Fish: they are the best pet to experience losing first, in my opinion. Kids don’t get quite as attached to them as kittens, doggies, etc, so it’s a little easier. Love the fishy angels! 😉 Good job, SML! XOXO-SWM

  3. Ugh… we’ve had a guinea pig and two beta fish ” go to heaven” in the last couple years. I’m thinking out family was just meant to have DOGS. 🙂

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