I have never been one of those girls that wears lots of make-up. I think part of it is that my mom and older sister never did. I never learned how to wear eye-shadow until my college roommate (who had a love affair with eye-liner) taught me to put it on. And I did eventually teach my sister and mom how to use some products…

When Vicki with Domestic Mama mentioned she was going to start the Make Me Pretty Experiment, I jumped on board. The first weekend of the month, we are going to post a make-up tutorial, and show you the results.

So here is the 5-MInute Face:


Click here to watch the tutorial

Here are the products I used:


Most stuff can be found at a drugstore.  I use Physician’s Formula powder (great for sensitive skin).  The multi-colored one(or lighter one) helps to reduce redness and hide dark spots/circles.  For a concealer, I use erase paste (found at Ulta).

Here I am with no make-up, ready to learn how to do the 5-Minute Face:


I started by applying the concealer with my finger under my eyes and blending with a  concealer brush.  Then, I put the concealer around my nose and mouth.  I did this by putting the concealer directly on the brush.  I also applied concealer down the center of my nose.

4 - Copy

Next, I applied the lighter powder around my eyes, hairline and jaw line.  I am not really sure why, but the video told me to 🙂


And I put the darker powder on the rest of my face with a large brush.

Next up was the bronzer.  I usually only use bronzer when I have a bit of a tan…the mid-west paleness I currently have going on makes me feel a little orange-ish is I wear bronzer.  But I still put it on, just blended well.

Then, I filled in my lips with a lip liner and smoothed out with a finger.  The lip liner is Cover Girl in seduce, I think it matches my normal lip-color a little too much and didn’t do much.


Then it was time to throw on some blush!

Next up, eye-liner.  I lined the outer corner of both my upper and lower lashes by dotting it on with the pencil and blended it out towards the out-side of my eye.  I have never used liquid eyeliner, but I am thinking this may have made it go on a bit smoother!

Then, I lined my waterline with the same eye-liner (black).  I have no idea what a “waterline” on my eye is, so I guessed and lined the part between my eyelashes and eye…which is scary to do with a pencil.


Finally, I curled my eye-lashes, and threw on my mascara,

The final step was to apply a hint of lipstick.  I used Rimmel London in paradise.

And here I am with my make-up all on!


And since I felt so strange not smiling in pictures and think it makes me look grumpy…


Overall, it was an easy tutorial!  The eye make up is heavier than I am use to, but I think it would be fun for a night out.

Want to join in the Make Me Pretty Experiment?  Link-Up at Domestic Mama!

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