A while back, I had a few friends tell me they started using the Clarisonic for cleaning their face.  They all loved it.  Which led me to checking it out and then *gasping* at the price.  Holy hell, I was not going to spend over $100 on something to wash my face.  Not to mention you had to replace the brushes, buy the wash, etc.  So, I stuck with my face wash and washcloth routine.

Last spring, I was running around Target (for probably the 18th time that week) and saw a similar product, the Olay Pro-X, for a less than a third of the price.  I threw it in the cart and figured, it must not be nearly as good as the Clarisonic, but oh well!

I still have not tried the Clarisonic, but I love the Olay Pro-X.  It gets my face much, much cleaner then just using a normal face wash.  There are also multiple cleaners and exfoliators I can use with the brush.  My face has felt a lot cleaner and softer.

Has anyone tried the Clarisonic?  Is there a huge benefit I am missing?  Or can I jut stick to my much cheaper and still fabulous Olay Pro-X?

3 Thoughts on “Fresh Faced

  1. I haven’t ever tried either one but yeah, there is no way in hell I could spend $100 on…pretty much ANYTHING actually. I will try the Olay one. Love your blog!

  2. Melissa Pritchard on January 30, 2013 at 12:50 pm said:

    I use the Olay Pro X as well and love it. I was told to get the Clarisonic but couldn’t justify the price. I think the Olay Pro X is a good alternative. One complaint, however, is that even though they claim it, it’s not really water proof. I ruined the first two I had by using them in the shower.

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