The night of our first date arrived, and I was nervous.  I wasn’t sure how it would go.  I mean, yes, it was technically a first date, but I already knew so much about him.  Usually first dates are the ones where you ask the simple questions, where you from?  what do you do? etc, but I knew all that stuff.  I mean, he already knew my son and my parents.  So I was a little freaked out.

Then the doorbell rang.  I answered the door to a handsome guy holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers.  And I blushed again.  He came in while I put the flowers in a vase and we chatted for a few minutes.  We walked out to the car where he opened the door for me (yes I do think this is necessary for a guy to do…and yes, a few months down the road, he is still doing it).  He told me to pick East or North.  I picked East and we headed to a small town in Iowa called Independence to go to a restaurant there.

When we got off the interstate, we were driving on a back road.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught something glowing out the window.  Then I saw it a split second to late.  The date didn’t see it coming at all.  We watched a raccoon leap in front of his car.  Road kill.  Nothing spells romance like a large dead raccoon.  Ew.

We made it to dinner without killing anything else, but I did give him crap about it.  We sat at dinner for 2 hours.  We were the last people to leave the restaurant.  I felt like there was so much to talk about we could have sat there even longer.

Back on the road (and yes, we did have to drive by the carnage), we chatted some more.  We made it back to my house and he walked me up to the door.  I was nervous.  I liked him.  Was he going to try to kiss me?  I thanked him for dinner and leaned in at the same time he did.  And we head butted.One of us was going for a hug, the other a kiss.  It ended with a not so romantic head-butt.

One Thought on “First Date

  1. Sounds like a great first date 🙂 nothing like a head butt to break the ice . talking about a dead raccoon… I can’t tell you the number of times when we’ve been on a date when we catch wind of a skunk. It’s a standing joke on a date…if we smell a skunk then we know it’s a real date. I’m happy for you that you’ve seemed to find a decent young man. DM

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