A few months back, I am sitting at work when I get a call from daycare.

Miss K can hardly talk, and I am terrified something is wrong.  Then I realize she is laughing.  She needed to call to tell me what happened over the phone so there weren’t 2 of us laughing at once.

All of the children at daycare that are younger than HJ have been little boys.  Until this day.  There was a new baby girl.  While Miss K was changing her diaper, HJ was watching.  Suddenly, shock spreads across his face.


Miss K let HJ know that only little boys have a penis, not little girls.  He stared at her.  His mind was blown.  He started going through a list of girls he knows, rattling off the names. “Does A have a penis?”

Nope, that’s a girl.

“what about E, does he have a penis?”

Yup, that’s a boy.  Boy’s have a penis.

This went on and on until he got through the list of everyone.  Then he asked about pets.  And friends.  Luckily, I have a patient daycare provider.

When a parent went to pick up their child, they asked HJ why he looked so upset.  He shouted back that “AVERY DOESN’T HAVE A PENIS!”.

Once I picked up HJ, he started asking me about who had a penis.  This went on for days.

Recently, I though the was over this.  However, this weekend on tv, they were talking about  a “little girl”, HJ shook is head and said, “if she is a girl, then she has no penis.”

For the record, it is hard to not laugh at him.

This post could say the word “penis” a record number or times.


4 Thoughts on “The word penis is in this post a lot…

  1. OMG!! Too funny! you’ll be glad one day you documented this story so you can remember the details!

  2. I love it!! I have also had to go through this topic with my son also.. I love how inquisitive they are and how smart they are when they are so little!! Sometimes the questions can be tricky to answer 🙂

  3. very cute. and as a single mom as well, good info to have 🙂

  4. aprilsclblog on December 28, 2012 at 1:54 pm said:

    I read this yesterday and am still laughing. Having a little boy who is almost 4 myself and 4 brothers I helped raise I can totally appreciate this!

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