I can’t give you a great story on how my boyfriend and I met.  Because I don’t remember how we met.  I have just known him.  We ran around in similar groups growing up.  I would see him at parties in high school, or the pool in junior high.  There were even tennis lessons in 2nd grade.  Throughout college, I would see him on various breaks.  Whenever I would see him, we would flirt.  I always thought he was cute.  But it never went beyond that.

When I moved back to town just over 2 years ago, I remember running into him at the pool (yes the same pool from junior high).  We would sit around and chat.  I figured he would never go for a girl like me.  I figured he could get anyone he wanted, so he wouldn’t settle for the girl with a baby.

This past summer, I ran into him yet again at the pool, numerous times.  I was always with HJ and my parents when I saw him.  And I had a crush.  After being at the pool one night, I called my friend Courtney to tell her that I had a crush on him.  She said I needed to find out if he was single or she was going to talk to my mom and figure out a way to get this guy’s number.  I knew she was serious, so I called her the next day to tell her he was dating someone.

And it was dropped for 2 months.

It just so happened that Courtney and a few other friends were in town visiting for our college’s homecoming.  We spent the afternoon going to various bars, reliving our college days.  On our second trip to our favorite college hang out, I walked in and saw him with his friends.  I said hi and gave him a hug.

He had a few drinks in him and said, “IT’S YOU!  I have been wanting to ask you something forever, can we go out sometime?  Can I get your number?”.  And yes, he really did blurt it out that fast.

I said yes (obviously), introduced him to my friend’s, and my friend Courtney says, “wait, is this the guy from the pool?”

He followed up with, “You’ve talked about me?”.

I may have started blushing.

I figured he wouldn’t call.  That he only asked because he had a few drinks in him.  Besides, he admitted that HJ did freak him out a bit and that’s why it took him so long to ask me out.  But the next morning, he sent me a text.  We texted back and forth throughout the day and had a conversation that night.  He also asked me on our first date.

5 Thoughts on “How it Started

  1. Oooo! Yay, can’t wait to hear more of this story!

  2. Is this like a NOW HAPPENING story???? Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome!!! So happy for you…you deserve it!!!

  4. How exciting!! I’m so happy for you. That’s a sweet story 🙂

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