Remember back a few months when I decided to Pay It Forward after hearing about it from One House One Couple?

I had 2 lovely readers leave me comments and posting their own “Pay It Forward” posts.  I wanted to share with you what I “gifted” them, especially since some of you may be looking for great gift ideas this time of the year.

The first comment was from Shaunna at Mamas13minutemile . To find the perfect gift for her, I started stalking her on pinterest.  Luckily, she had a board titled “Things I Want”.  Really, she made this to easy.  One of the items listed was this beautiful and fabulously trendy bracelet


The link on pinterest brought me to THIS STORE ON ETSY.  And bam, the first Pay It Forward gift went out.

For the second one, it took a little more digging.  The comment was from Lindsey at Life As I Know It.  From reading her blog, I knew she had recently bought her first house, so I wanted to get her something to help with decorating.  When she had a post with a sweet little quote, I decided to have that made into a print for her.  Then the store Mateo & Tobias agreed to do a giveaway for my blog!

I had a fun time picking out the perfect gifts for the participants.

What perfect gifts are you finding for the holidays?  Is there a perfect gift you want?

One Thought on “I Paid It Forward

  1. Really awesome and thoughtful gifts singlemama! 🙂

    I still have yet to complete my pay it forward (can you believe you were the only one to respond on that post of mine!) So I was waiting it out for a bit, then I ended up forgetting, so I’m glad you posted about this again to remind me! 🙂

    It really is a fun idea, and you did a great job!


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