A few months back, I am sitting at work when I get a call from daycare.

Miss K can hardly talk, and I am terrified something is wrong.  Then I realize she is laughing.  She needed to call to tell me what happened over the phone so there weren’t 2 of us laughing at once.

All of the children at daycare that are younger than HJ have been little boys.  Until this day.  There was a new baby girl.  While Miss K was changing her diaper, HJ was watching.  Suddenly, shock spreads across his face.


Miss K let HJ know that only little boys have a penis, not little girls.  He stared at her.  His mind was blown.  He started going through a list of girls he knows, rattling off the names. “Does A have a penis?”

Nope, that’s a girl.

“what about E, does he have a penis?”

Yup, that’s a boy.  Boy’s have a penis.

This went on and on until he got through the list of everyone.  Then he asked about pets.  And friends.  Luckily, I have a patient daycare provider.

When a parent went to pick up their child, they asked HJ why he looked so upset.  He shouted back that “AVERY DOESN’T HAVE A PENIS!”.

Once I picked up HJ, he started asking me about who had a penis.  This went on for days.

Recently, I though the was over this.  However, this weekend on tv, they were talking about  a “little girl”, HJ shook is head and said, “if she is a girl, then she has no penis.”

For the record, it is hard to not laugh at him.

This post could say the word “penis” a record number or times.


Merry Christmas!

HJ had his 3 year photos done at the end of October.  I loved his pictures so much last year, that I asked Molly Weber to do them again this year!

With it being the end of October, I
planned on wearing outfits to keep us somewhat warm.  So of course, it ends up being 78 degrees that day.  Luckily, you can’t tell we were sweating!

I54A8860 I54A8869 I54A9126 320490_10151119807426188_902404358_n 526011_10151119807536188_1561295326_nI54A8900 I54A8936 I54A8961 I54A8994 I54A9026 I54A9033 I54A9071 I54A9114

I can’t give you a great story on how my boyfriend and I met.  Because I don’t remember how we met.  I have just known him.  We ran around in similar groups growing up.  I would see him at parties in high school, or the pool in junior high.  There were even tennis lessons in 2nd grade.  Throughout college, I would see him on various breaks.  Whenever I would see him, we would flirt.  I always thought he was cute.  But it never went beyond that.

When I moved back to town just over 2 years ago, I remember running into him at the pool (yes the same pool from junior high).  We would sit around and chat.  I figured he would never go for a girl like me.  I figured he could get anyone he wanted, so he wouldn’t settle for the girl with a baby.

This past summer, I ran into him yet again at the pool, numerous times.  I was always with HJ and my parents when I saw him.  And I had a crush.  After being at the pool one night, I called my friend Courtney to tell her that I had a crush on him.  She said I needed to find out if he was single or she was going to talk to my mom and figure out a way to get this guy’s number.  I knew she was serious, so I called her the next day to tell her he was dating someone.

And it was dropped for 2 months.

It just so happened that Courtney and a few other friends were in town visiting for our college’s homecoming.  We spent the afternoon going to various bars, reliving our college days.  On our second trip to our favorite college hang out, I walked in and saw him with his friends.  I said hi and gave him a hug.

He had a few drinks in him and said, “IT’S YOU!  I have been wanting to ask you something forever, can we go out sometime?  Can I get your number?”.  And yes, he really did blurt it out that fast.

I said yes (obviously), introduced him to my friend’s, and my friend Courtney says, “wait, is this the guy from the pool?”

He followed up with, “You’ve talked about me?”.

I may have started blushing.

I figured he wouldn’t call.  That he only asked because he had a few drinks in him.  Besides, he admitted that HJ did freak him out a bit and that’s why it took him so long to ask me out.  But the next morning, he sent me a text.  We texted back and forth throughout the day and had a conversation that night.  He also asked me on our first date.

It has been a crazy month.  I feel like my computer has been going non-stop…

Printing off Christmas lists, pinterest recipes, Christmas cards, letters to Santa.

And of course, part way through all the printing…I run out of ink.  Going to the office supply store 35 minutes away in a crazy busy part of town is annoying.  Now, I order my HP 2600n toner online and avoid the office supply stores.  Anything to save a few bucks and a few mommy sanity minutes, right?

I may have mentioned this a time or 2, but I love Christmas!  When I saw people on twitter chatting about ornament swaps, I joined on in.  The first swap I was a part of, I was paired up with Alicia from Walking in Faith.  She sent these super cute mitten ornaments that HJ and I immediately hung on the tree.232323232%7Ffp543;3)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 68758732(nu0mrjNaturally, I took to etsy to find an ornament to send to Alicia’s family.  I found this little wood carved reindeer from Eve Tait’s Creations.   I hope it looked as cute in person as it does in this picture! il_570xN.386027280_ifr6

The other ornament swap I took part in, I was partnered up with Ashley from Crayons and Caffeine, another single mom blogger!  I have interacted with Ashley a number of times on twitter, and was excited to get to send her something special.  She told me that her family likes to get an ornament every Christmas with the year marked on it, so I saw this sparkly little treasure on etsy, from the shop Vanity Cases and had to send it their way!

il_570xN.392564789_3lgcA few days later, HJ and I arrived home to a box on our front porch.  I was eager to rip into it and see our ornament, but Ashley had a few other surprises up her sleeve.  Here is what all arrived to us:

232323232%7Ffp543;4)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 6875 832(nu0mrjA sweet card, a nerds ornament with yummy candy inside, a cute snowman box tied up with string (and inside, a gorgeous ornament!).  And for HJ, she sent along  truck stickers, christmas tree peeps, and a mini stocking with a hot wheel inside (HJ slept with the car that night).  Here is the ornament that was inside the cute snowman box…

232323232%7Ffp54388)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 6875 ;32(nu0mrjGorgeous, huh?

Participating in the ornament swap was like getting Christmas a little early.  And I love having beautiful new ornaments to decorate our tree with.

I love Christmas.  All the lights and packages make me giddy as can be.  The city we live in decorates the main street with beautiful lights, and Santa’s Workshop.

Last Thursday, a friend and I took the kids downtown for the Jingle Mingle event.  HJ and I arrived a little early and snuck into a few shops.  The sidewalks were decorated with lanterns, and each of the shops had treats and adult beverages to enjoy.

We were 3rd in line to see the big man, and thank goodness, because the line quickly became out of control.

I always think the little workshop looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book…

232323232%7Ffp54379)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 68758832(nu0mrjAnd there is a cute mailbox to drop your letters to Santa in.

232323232%7Ffp73488)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 68758932(nu0mrjHJ was excited and hesitant to see Santa.  Luckily, one of his friends was quite brave.

232323232%7Ffp54364)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 68759332(nu0mrjThe kids eagerly ran into the workshop when it was their turn.

232323232%7Ffp5434 )nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 68759732(nu0mrjAnd HJ nervously stood by while his friend talked it up with the big man.  Then, it was his turn to be brave.

232323232%7Ffp543 7)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 68759932(nu0mrjAnd he told Santa he wanted a pirate ship for Christmas.

232323232%7Ffp734 4)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 68759 32(nu0mrjWhen the kids were done talking to Santa, they had to climb a ladder and do down a twisty slide to leave the workshop.  HJ did not want to partake in it until he went outside and saw what the fuss was about.

232323232%7Ffp73498)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 6875 232(nu0mrjAfter Santa, we had pizza with our friends.

The next night, HJ’s Elf on a Shelf surprised him with a note.

232323232%7Ffp54358)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 6875 632(nu0mrjHe included new Christmas pj’s, hot chocolate, popcorn and The Polar Express.

232323232%7Ffp54377)nu=3276)68;)56 )WSNRCG=386 6875 732(nu0mrjWe had a relaxing evening snuggling up in our pj’s and watching a fabulous Christmas movie.

I love seeing how excited HJ is for Christmas this year.  How he talks about Santa (and asked a man at Wal-Mart if he was Santa…), and randomly bursts into Jingle Bells.

How have you been enjoying the holiday season?

Remember back a few months when I decided to Pay It Forward after hearing about it from One House One Couple?

I had 2 lovely readers leave me comments and posting their own “Pay It Forward” posts.  I wanted to share with you what I “gifted” them, especially since some of you may be looking for great gift ideas this time of the year.

The first comment was from Shaunna at Mamas13minutemile . To find the perfect gift for her, I started stalking her on pinterest.  Luckily, she had a board titled “Things I Want”.  Really, she made this to easy.  One of the items listed was this beautiful and fabulously trendy bracelet


The link on pinterest brought me to THIS STORE ON ETSY.  And bam, the first Pay It Forward gift went out.

For the second one, it took a little more digging.  The comment was from Lindsey at Life As I Know It.  From reading her blog, I knew she had recently bought her first house, so I wanted to get her something to help with decorating.  When she had a post with a sweet little quote, I decided to have that made into a print for her.  Then the store Mateo & Tobias agreed to do a giveaway for my blog!

I had a fun time picking out the perfect gifts for the participants.

What perfect gifts are you finding for the holidays?  Is there a perfect gift you want?

It can’t go unnoticed.  One look at my stats, and it is obvious.  This blog drives A LOT of traffic on some days, and then suddenly tapers off to nothing.  You know what I realized people like hearing about?  My struggles.  I think you all like to see me cry.

The last time I posted emotional things was when I asked if I am “Being Enough“.  And ya know what?  I had actually written that 3 months prior.  I just felt like I had to show you all a sob story to get back some readers.  Before that it was “The Straw That Broke This Single Mama’s Back” .

But here’s the thing…

I am happy.

I haven’t been writing the emotional posts you all apparently like because I am feeling extremely balanced.

I have this amazing little 3-year-old…


Who is a gigantic goof ball.  He loves making me laugh.  His laugh makes my heart melt.  He loves helping his mama and giving me hugs.  I constantly feel lucky that this little ball of energy picked me for a mama.

I have fantastic friends who are always there for me.  And I mean always…one has even been by my side for the last 26 years.  I can call them with anything and they will step right in.  They offer advice.  They let me know I am a good person.

My family has shown me amazing support.  I have recently acknowledged I needed to take more time for myself.  And you know what?  I have.  And that is because of my family.  They are allowing me to have my own personal life.  Even if I call them every 2 hours when I am away from HJ.

And there’s this guy…he is actually making me feel like I am a beautiful person again.  He has been helping me navigate this crazy world of dating with a child and has been nothing but supportive throughout it.

Also, I love this time of year.  The holidays just make me feel warm and fuzzy.

So, even though you like it when I cry, I just can’t.  Not now.  There are too many smiles happening.