Before ever having a child, there was one tradition I knew I wanted to do.  It was to start a Christmas Ornament Box for every child I have.

Every year, I think of something “special” that happened, a big moment for the child.  I then find a Christmas ornament that matches that moment, put a little card with it marked with the year and explain why that moment was chosen, and put it all in a plastic bin.

When the child moves out of the home and has their own tree to decorate, they are presented with the Christmas ornament box.

It is a way to help fill their tree with meaningful things, and hopefully they will see it as something wonderful to look back on.

This year, HJ now has 4 ornaments in his Christmas Ornament box.  The first ornament I included was this one…

il_570xN.107969791It is a duplicate of his “baby’s first Christmas” ornament.  I had ordered it on etsy, and asked the person that made it to leave off the “baby’s first Christmas” on one of them.

The second ornament is a University of Northern Iowa ornament.  That is the year we moved from Des Moines to Cedar Falls.

The third is a wooden truck that matches the trucks in HJ’s bedroom.  This is to remind us of moving into our first official house and the transition to his big boy bedroom.

This year’s ornament was tough to pin down.  I feel like there were so many memories I wanted to remember and pass onto him.  Then I came across a blue fish ornament.  For months we worked on getting rid of the binky (pacifier), and it all led up to this moment.  I knew I had to get the fish ornament for the ornament box this year.

I am excited to continue this tradition and add meaningful ornaments for HJ to use on his own tree someday.

What traditions have you started with your family?

4 Thoughts on “A Christmas Tradition

  1. Love this idea. I was going to do something similar but let Stella pick out her ornament. I like your idea better. Stealing 🙂

  2. Great Idea!! I get my son an ornament every year but never thought about attaching a note with the year I got it and why…might have to steal it and start doing it! One thing we do every year is on christmas eve he gets to open a present that consist of new pajamas to wear that night and a christmas book to read before bed…this year I might also include a holiday movie and snacks in it for us to watch before bed!!

  3. love this idea! i’m thinking of doing this for my future children. 🙂

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