Our child support case has officially been submitted for interstate referral.  What does this all mean??

Since February, I stopped receiving payments.  The state had to put a few legal things in place before being able to move forward.  These steps included:

suspending his Iowa licenses.  Typically when the state does this, they begin receiving payment.  However, if the person has moved out-of-state (such as our case), this does not have any impact on them.

-Put a lien on his property.  The state did this.  And, about 2 months back, I received a notice that his house had been put into foreclosure.  I was eligible to receive money from the sale of his house after the bank got their money back.  The problem?  He still owed $106,000 on a $110, 000 mortgage.  The house will not sell for what he still owes on it.  So I kept my $75 in filing fees and did not pursue (after speaking with a lawyer for advice).

-levied his accounts.  This actually did result in them taking $500 from his account.  He called me very unhappy and told me he would no longer be using his accounts, but his money would now go into his girlfriends accounts.  The state can not levy her accounts.

Once that was all in place, I received a letter from the child support office allowing me to submit a non-disclosure on our case.  This makes it so the state HE is living in will not have or pass along information on HJ and me.  He will not know our address, our city, it even keeps HJ’s real name off all forms, just his initials.  I DID pursue this, because I feel better without the deadbeat knowing our exact whereabouts.

Once I submitted that form, it was approved by a judge.

Our case worker called to let me know and then went through the next steps with me.  She submitted our case to the state of Nevada.  They have 60 days to acknowledge they received the info, and then they have 4 months after that to put things into place.  Yes, about 6 months total.

Then, since HE does not have a job, I am unlikely to see anything.  The state of Nevada does not require deadbeats to look for employment.  They will also adjust his payments based on the fact that he has no income and has 2 other children.  The support payments are likely to come out to lower than $5/month.

After reading other posts on people’s issues with child support offices, I feel lucky.  I usually call, and my case worker immediately answers.  She answers my questions, listens to my concerns, and will explain all of the steps thoroughly.  I received a new case worker since being switched to interstate (thank goodness, the old case worker was a grump) and she has been an amazing resource.


3 Thoughts on “Child Support Update

  1. Don’t ya just hate going through all this crap. Mine finally got transferred to interstate last month. And he moved in October 2010!! I don’t push it too much though cuz it looks better when they don’t pay and support. Looks better for us I mean 🙂 Plus, I don’t want his money! Doesn’t come out to much anyway.

  2. What a true dirtbag this guy is. It’s crazy because on one hand, he gave you this amazing gift (HJ) and on the other, he’s such a piece of sh*t. Trying to see the positive here: at least he’s not around to influence your sweet little boy. Nope, Mommy gets to help that little man grow into an upstanding gentleman who knows how to treat women and take care of his responsibilities. Sorry his paternal grandmother unfortunately didn’t succeed in that department. I’m sure it burns you up (at least, it burns me up FOR you!) that he’s not being held to being responsible. But, let him be someone else’s problem. You’re a great mom and HJ is SO lucky that he was spared from the influence of that deadbeat.

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